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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for a VoIP company with caller id spoofing that terminates their international calls with MCI, based on some recemt test this seems the only way to spoof to the country I am in (Australia) based on the fact that on an MCI friendly network the CPN & ANI are fowarded to MCI (from a call origonating my Australia the CPN/ANI readback is accurate on a network that uses MCI as a international gateway) i figure the reverse is similar, the theory being that once the SS7 data is passed to a local network it will be 'trusted' by other networks that typically ignore CPN data from foriegn carriers, and using call forwarding on POTS can be directed where ever. There seems to be alot of press here that believes it can not be done, Any help would be much appricated, ro0t2
  2. Yeah this thing seems to have hit every board on the planet, the way I read it (in regards to the references to switches) was (disregarding the crap) that it may suggest and some sort of SS7 network related thing, which would be cool...however if had access to the SS7 network and virutal control of the switch and IN why the hell would you use it for far as that aspect it doesnt sound like its adding up However that being said I am aware of one provider who has mucked up a bit in how they have configured there box and you could theoretically do as described...but has nothing to do with switch or billing system errors...just some dumb idiot who used a commands in a config file without thinking...set up those macros right people !! I might have misinterpreted the alleged 'hack' decribed in the article....but truely i think BlackRatchet really hit the nail on the head....
  3. I too looked at that, looks promising as far as data only the V.22bis was only supported data mode (don't quote me here) others where all fax protocols but if anything looks like a good starting point. I've only been able to get 1200baud working with modem, ATA etc. but providers I am using are shit so even that is sketchy at best there seems to be alot of chatter about building an asterisk modem channel (analog modem) but in my travels have not seen anybody attempting this yet. I was planning on having a crack at it some time in the near future but doubt I would get very far.....possible group project ??
  4. Umm should have clarified, the provider isnt disconnecting from * being pressed, im just refering to PBX's that do so, you know some that just have a voicemail system and if u hit * it just disconnects you immediately, no drop to voicemail login or anything and yes i did run an ani when the glitch occured, this confirmed that it was the faktortel ani being read back....abcbooze i think you are on the money....i tried dailing an internal faktortel number (600 echo test) and got an Optus RVA "number is not connected" so maybe it isnt a faktortel issue at all, it just seemed so odd, esspecially now that others have said they have experienced it...don't think this ones gonna get answered
  5. i've been playing around and am unable to replicate but have basically done alot to my extentions.conf anyway not that i suspect anything on my side, but yeh it is basically dead ear, sorta sounds like trunks dropping in the backround and still traffic coming through on the router....will keep playing with this tonight and let you know but im just wondering is it possible to force an IAX channel to stay open, or does the connection get terminated server-side when a disconnect is registered?
  6. hey guys, Just to clear up it is not actually legislated, so legally they can spoof CPN however a really dodgey industrial code was released and all the carriers enforce it, however I have been talking with some people who are trying to get this happening and it looks like "bussiness demand" (ie. me and others pretending to be bussiness's) has forced it onto the agenda of voip companys who currently don't send any CPN....will be able to conclusively tell u wheather its a go or not in about 2 months....whenever Optus gets off there ass -ro0t2 incase anyone is interested...also any other information about the australian phone network you can checkout, has alot of useful infomation in it, all provided thanks to the Australian Government
  7. Hey guys, Last night i was stuffing around scanning some 1800 numbers and I came across something quite odd. I was using VoIP provider faktortel (Australian carrier) and found that when i dailed * on PBX's that automatically disconnect when * is pressed that the connection was not dropped...instead i was dropped to silence in which i could dial any number (including billable numbers) and it would put my call through I was able to do it for a while, then it magically stopped, although I will try to replicate at various times. I am positive it is a provider issue...basically instead of a disconnect from thier asterisk server it looks like the Voice channel has dropped me back onto there main pbx under a different macro anyways, im just wondering if anyone has ever had this kind of thing happen to them with other IAX providers or any ideas on why this would happen -ro0t2