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  1. Howdy: I need to know: is there ANY way to change my display name? I created this account in my stupid and naïve high school days, and I'd like to change it without having to get a new one. I checked the "My Settings" page and it's not on there; just birthday and avatar. Thanks!
  2. Have you tried the fglrx/MESA driver yet? Or is that the generic "radeon" driver? I know when I had my old Dell Inspiron 1501, it had an Xpress 1150 in it, and it would flash white and black bars scrolling up and down the screen if it went to sleep and woke up. Installing the proprietary drivers fixed all of that, and added in the 3D acceleration. Just use the VESA driver until you can get that up and running, if you're willing to use proprietary software.
  3. This would work. Just make sure and use the correct drive identifier. "sda2" would point to the second partition on the first hard disk. It'll probably end up being "sdb1". But yes, it would work just that way.
  4. Did it work? If that doesn't, then you really should just get VMware Workstation (it includes the Virtual Network Manager). VMware Player is worthless gahbage.
  5. Just went back to Ubuntu Maverick from XP. Finally looking to dump it for good! I've got a customized install with the full GNOME environment and everything I could need, and I'm sitting at ~150MB of RAM at full init (X, GNOME, Wi-Fi, etc.) I err toward the Debian-based distros mainly because I'm more comfortable with APT than anything else. And I like Linux-based OSes because I don't have a bunch of shit piled on top of me. I don't have the money to buy a new fucking computer every damn year. And even without streamlining, Ubuntu is WAAAAAY less taxing than XP/Vista/7.
  6. That is so weird! I just tried on Alltel here in Midland, Texas, and I just get a triple reorder tone, then a hangup on the other side. I will definitely try that out if I get to a Verizon store sometime this weekend.
  7. I've only used TPB for years. I rarely if EVER come upon anything that I can't find there.
  8. I agree. RAID doesn't look like a beginner's task at ALL. I've been wanting to build one for quite some time, and am thinking about getting started soon. I'll just go for the cheapest in each category from Newegg or Tiger Direct and buy them. - Case - Mobo - CPU - Heat Sink/Fan (if OEM, not boxed CPU) - RAM - PS - HDD I could give a shit less if it breaks 10,000 on Passmark, or it looks like a Christmas tree when I turn the lights out. All I want is to build something for the first time, then maybe play around with it a bit, and sell it (for a huge profit; I've got that used car salesman mentality.) So, the case would be around $20-30, the Mobo would be around $40-50 (probably either Foxconn or ASUS). I would probably end up with a Celery Dual Core for $40, a cheap 775 socket heat sink ($10 with Arctic Ice tube), 3-4GB RAM (for around $30-40), a $20 power supply, and an 80GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM HDD for around $60. All shipped, it comes out in the high 300s without discount codes and standard shipping. I know this makes most of you cringe with disappointment (I mean, is Celeron even in any gamer's vocabulary anymore?), but just hear me out. It's my first build, and I don't feel like frying a Core i7 or a Phenom.
  9. I would just use UltraSurf ( I used it at my local Nazi-controlled school district (with so-called HEAVY monitoring of traffic), and did all sorts of forbidden shit on the Internet (like visiting Wikipedia, *GASP*) with not so much as a finger-point. It works well, and I would definitely recommend it. Nothing to install, no shady sites to visit, no annoying long-ass PHP or Perl addresses. The only thing is: it only works with Windows. Sorry. If it's Linux or Mac, then I can't help you there. I never could find anything good to use at school on Linux besides SSL proxies.
  10. Agreed. Ubuntu was my first as well (7.04, around September 2007) on my Dell Inspiron 1501. Luckily, a guy named redDEAD had a blog going up until around the release of Jaunty that dealt with making that distro run its best on this specific computer. So, that's how I did all my learning about the GNU utils (mv, cp, rm, dd, all that sh*t), as well as using tools like NDISwrapper and Unetbootin. Advice for a first-timer: don't give up on it. Just Google it, or keep clicking at random buttons. You'll figure it out. It's 1000% easier than learning M$ Window$ for the first time anyday. Believe me: I'm running Se7en right now. What takes me 5 steps on Ubuntu/Linux takes me 10-15 on Windows now. It's all about dumbing the computer down. Linux is advanced enough to where it can be used by even a beginning novice, but yet is advanced enough for us hackers (white-hat, of course) and g33ks to do whatever the fu*k we want without being bothered by CPU cycle-wasting UAC prompts and shit. Enough ranting. Find a distro you're comfortable with and stick with it until you learn the routines. I can run Ubuntu, Fedora (Red Hat RIP), Mandriva, and openSUSE all with equal comfort with only three years' experience. Mint is good too if you want restricted stuff (e.g. DVD playback, MP3, MP4, DivX support) out of the box.
  11. Hmm. Well, all of that looks largely unusable today besides the DoS released(!) phone list. That could be really good for some totally unmalicious US Government SE'ing. I repeat, TOTALLY not malicious. I mean, how incompetent is that establishment, to just declassify their entire employee phone and job title list? I mean, it looks fun and all, but DAMN! I swear, much more shit like that and there's gonna be some more ragheads knocking on our skyscrapers with their hijacked 747s. Deuces Scott
  12. First post, yeehaw! We cut our cord a few years back, but... Alltel Wireless (which would use Windstream/Qwest tandems, yes?) On the payphone, I use AT&T whenever available. 10-10-288-0, because it's great for op-diverting, and it's reachable from the COCOTs around here. (CO-owned payphones around here in Hobbs, New Mexico, are a dying breed.) Finally, Windstream is our local exchange carrier. We are technically in Qwest/Mtn Bell/US WEST territory, but this area was historically part of GTE land until the late-90s, when GTE became Verizon, and this area was sold to Valor Telecom of Espanola, NM. That eventually became Windstream (which used to be Alltel landline in Arkansas) by the mid-2000s. Careful out there, Scott On here, Jesus Phreak (because I couldn't come up with anything better, and Scott was taken).