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  1. So the caller id information is controlled by the ISP...drats! I'm not too savvy in the phone world but I know that you can set up your own email server (like Mini Relay) instead of using a provider and spoof emails that way. Essentially becoming your own provider. Is there a way to do this with VoIP or do you have to have a provider? I find it quite amazing that you can make a call on the internet, PSTN, or cell phones (GPRS ?) and it will go through each separate network or provider and come out fine. Anyway do you have any VoIP provider suggestions? Do you think Vonage would work? Thanks. I'll check out PLA.
  2. First off I would like to say I'm am not interested in doing anything malicious. I just want to have a good laugh with my friends and family. I am interested in how to make a caller id spoofing and an "Evil Operator" set up. Evil Operator is a service offered by that will call two people with the caller ids spoofed to look like each other, then it will just echo what each one says to the other and records. Now I'm not sure if I can even set this up with the phone service I have. I know it can be done with VoIP but I don't really want to change my set-up yet. I get my phone service through Charter Communications. I have a coaxial cable running through my closet to something that looks like a modem. Then a standard phone line (RJ11 ?) comes out of it and connects to my phone. That same coaxial cable also runs to my internet modem which I use to connect to the internet. So both internet and phone data go through the same line. Can I make calls using my computer by somehow connecting this coaxial cable or phone line to my PC and can I use my PC to change the data sent to spoof the caller ID? Will I have to have another phone line installed to set up "Evil Operator"? I have no idea of how to go about doing this. I am really just interested because I like to prank my family and I don't like to rely too much on third-party services like or other websites. Could any one help me set this up or direct me to someone who can? Thanks in advance. EDIT: In case it matters, I live in the USA.
  3. Thanks, works just fine.
  4. Hey everyone, I want to connect to a BBS (for a game called portal) but I am not 100% sure on how to. I believe that I just need to buy a 56k modem and plug my phone line into it, then just dial into it using HyperTerminal. Is this correct? I don't need a dial-up ISP because im not connecting to the internet right? Also my phone service is VoIP over coaxial cable (I think) will this still work?