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  1. How are you going to sniff WPA traffic? No, not their IP traces...their IP in your traces! Sartre
  2. WiFi is essentially an extended layer 2 environment that operates somewhat like a hub in that all of the traffic is taking place on one "port" (or, more specifically, a radio). Yes, you should be able to see all of the traffic without poisoning the arp cache because you can "see" the frames before they hit the radio. You're sniffing the air, not the wire. Do you have WEP or WPA enabled? Did you have wireshark watching the correct interface? I'm assuming your housemate was on the same wifi. Did you see their IP at all in the trace?
  3. Do you have another specific example of an app that didn't compile correctly? Also, can you list the exact steps you followed... Also: set MOZ_TOOLS=<path to moztools folder> Sartre
  4. Few questions: 1. Are you on a switched network or a hub? There's a monumental difference when sniffing traffic. On a switched network you won't be able to sniff ALL traffic, just traffic inbound/outbound on your port. In a hub network, you'll be able to see ALL traffic since the hub is just a layer one repeater (i.e., everything is broadcast to all ports). I would suggest learning more about the differences between layer one and layer two. 2. When you write about the MSN conversation: are you stating you did not see your housemates replies to your machine or something else? Did you use the TCP Stream feature in wireshark to examine the entire conversation? Were you mistakenly filtering the display to your IP only? Sartre
  5. Did you follow this when attempting the cygwin firefox installation? Sartre