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  1. Mine shows Ogden, UT. Eventhough I'm 925 Miles away (near Omaha, NE). But then again I'm at a truckstop and their HQ is in Ogden!
  2. The biggest reason to use TUI over GUI is when you have an old machine with a small amount of memory. GUI's are memory intensive if you don't have a lot it's best to just use a TUI. It's not pretty but it'll get the job done. And best of all you only have one font to worry about!
  3. The problem is probably simple as the fact that Fedora Core no longer supports your video card. I know from my own personal experience that it does not support the i810 family ( which includes the i815 which I have on my laptop ) eventhough Fedora Core 2 did. I noticed that your machine has an intel chipset you probably have the same problem. The solution is to install in text mode. Then make nessasary adjustments to your /etc/xorg.conf file. Without knowing what chipset you have I can't be of any more help. Sorry