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  1. Well, fortunately a software raid on an x86 Debian box at the OS level is more or less the same even for Debian running on Sparc. Partitioning managers/volume managers dmraid or mdadm on Linux aside, if you install Solaris and select ZFS as your FS of choice during installation, the rpool "/" zfs pool will by default select both drives into a ZFS raid 1 . bash-3.00# zpool status pool: rpool state: ONLINE scrub: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror ONLINE 0 0 0 c0t0d0s0 ONLINE 0 0 0 c0t1d0s0 ONLINE 0 0 0 Then again thats Solaris Heres some links I've compiled for further study on software raid on linux+sparc ZFS seems to make software raid on Linux look like a pain in the ass in comparison .
  2. Not bad, You had dual 36gbs right? Setup a software raid 1 on it ?
  3. Update from Weev on the situation:
  4. The only people I've ever seen bitch about open-source taking IT jobs are proponents of close sourced proprietary software solutions and under the table paid SCO group trolls . Open-source doesn't take jobs, rather its more or less job security(especially if you're a consultant implementing OSS solutions ). What does take tech jobs is companies that adopt the offshoring out sourcing model to cut costs on IT/technology expenses. If you want to learn to program, by all means do so but also keep in mind that most major companies can hire cheap visa labor or enlist an entire programming sweatshop in India for pennies on the dollar of what it would cost to pay you a fair livable salary. No IT job is safe from out sourcing / off shoring unless its government work that requires security clearance . If you can get sponsored in order to earn a security clearance, you're set for life earning ridiculous salaries that have no equivalent in the private sector . I once knew a guy who was paid well over 100k just for doing help desk / basic infrastructure crap in Afghanistan for 6 months on base . Aside from a little experience , his Security clearance pretty much insured such salary figures. Countless other stories like that too and lets not forget that the salaries get just as ridiculous state side . These days in a free market you have to be as competitive as possible in the regions you send your CVs out in , its a real rat race sometimes. If you do want to make some real $$, work contracts only and rack up overtime where possible. Steady perm positions don't pay nearly as much and you get low balled and limited by what your job description limits you to. And hey one last thing , you don't need a damn degree to work in IT, all you need to do is build up experience starting from the bottom and working your way up. I started my career fixing PCs in retail keeping my advanced tech interests as working hobbies, years later I'm a Sysadmin and consultant making way much more than the average college grad could ever hope to make starting off . Don't get discouraged and definitely learn as much as you can, but definitely prepare to go through some humbling grunt work putting in your dues while you build your resume and references b/c degrees and certs alone don't guarantee a job.
  5. Ah yes, The ultra 60. I've found overtime that sometimes the scsi cdroms give allot of errors during installation and aren't so cheap to replace . Which is why I go with network based installation methods on sparc equipment to rule out any chance of silent media/drive errors(btw you're standard intel gig nics that are PCI PCI-X will run perfectly in sparc boxen provided your OS is up to date). Fortunately newer Sunblade 100s, 150s , 1500s 2500s and a few in between have eide buses making it easier to replace optical drives. Aside from running Debian , you could just Run Solaris or Open Solaris (or at the very least a random BSD*) OpenCSW , blastwave and a few others have modern linux software ports . Exim for example runs pretty smooth on Sparc (though admittedly you won't find dpkg available but instead more simplified conf files under /opt/XXX software directories. ) And regardless if you Run Solaris or your choice of GNU or BSD OS distro , the sparc arch isn't always going to have the latest greatest GNU packages available . for 100% compat with the latest software out there, Intel arch is pretty much the way to go, however if you're brave, Sun studio makes for a great porting tool assuming you don't mind porting code yourself and dealing with any headaches that arise.
  6. Weev and those niggers from the GNNAC are up to it again. Good job guys Lol I was chattin with Kyle about this before the raid took place, the impression I got was that there was no suspicion of any sort of Raid for a public disclosure of the security vuln. Apparently if you can retrieve gov email addys from service providers thats an automatic raid ticket these days. A little heavy handed too on the part of the gov. The exploit sort of reminds me of how easy it is to get ISP customer info from Broad band provider websites. Ie guess /enter an address and retrieve a current customer's address as confirmation. Some ISP sites will even spit more information back out at you, and its even easier to get names for addresses through other sites etc. Plenty of sites (not just ATT / Apple ) spit out "private" data just by inputing certain identifier information.
  7. Surplus is magical! I've got a 7 foot standard equipment rack in the basement, populated with a 96-port patch panel, several switches, a 4U server case, several 1U ATX cases, a 1.25 kW UPS, some Cobalt RaQ hardware and cable management panels. It's impressive, but the whole mess probably cost me less than $250 over the years. I've got a Netra T1 I might get running again...I've been looking into colo facilities in the area, and you can get a 1U device colocated for around $50/month. Sounds bad ass. I mostly have a stack of older Sun Sparc and Cisco gear with a few random intel servers here and there. Colo prices fluctuate depending on the region you're in. Eventually I will start transferring my private hosting one offs to a new colo , but I'm so picky about colo hosts. For one I don't want a colo host that charges out the ass for bandwidth and extra Us. An ideal colo setup for me would be a total of 4us. 1 1ru server, 1 cisco asa 5510 or similar 1ru firewall 1ru das array and yet another 1 ru reserved for a future secondary backend server . (hell maybe a smart power switch for remote hard power-cyles too)
  8. Interesting, But with rights come responsibilities and in the case of Finland more Government regulation, both the good and bad. It's great their tax payer money actually goes towards benefiting the majority of their citizens though. Their internet probably won't be "free" for awhile, as the government would have to setup new tax codes to pay for the expanding network infrastructure needed for such a right.
  9. Lol I suppose I'll count you in then once I throw up some sparc equipment into a colo. Ah the joys of collecting Sparc hardware. Speaking of which, I just finished a net install of a Sunblade 2000. Now to pick up another FC AL drive, some more Sun ram kits and attach my spare scsi u320 Sun DAS for extra storage. I'm starting to wonder if its normal for geeks to have this much enterprise iron laying around on a home network lol
  10. JumpStartin some sparc iron

  11. So, I just finished setting up another DSEE7 Ldap server at the home lab to stay current with the enterprise so to speak. Outside of work/production networks, Does anyone else here run LDAP servers @ home? Aside from that, who admins ldap servers and what do you run? btw, anyone use likewise enterprise in prod ?
  12. Yup, along with most dedicated UNIX systems. I've got an AT&T UNIX PC I'm getting back in running shape. For those coming to The Next HOPE, I'll have a SPARCclassic running OpenBSD 4.7 in the NOCNOC for public access. I'm working with the MARCH guys to keep my Kaypro II set up in their space, with a serial line ran to the SPARC machine to provide console access, primarily for connecting to telnet and SSH accessible BBSes. Niice , almost reminds me of the good ol freeshell days and the current hardware though). Something about a sparc beast though running BSD or Solaris you just have to stop and admire. If I can get my hands on a T2000 or similar and some cheap colo space within the next 6 months , I might just consider launching a hybrid BBS/shell/proxy site (along with a big ass legal disclaimer and advertising ) .
  13. Sorry for entering the discussion so poorly prepared. I guess I must have gotten that impression from reading the chat logs. So Manning was just pouring his guts out to a complete stranger on IRC (albeit one whom he obviously admired). It's a familiar pattern on IRC and not uncommon for noobs, but such behavior on the part of a military guy with intel responsibilities seems to indicate an appalling emotional insecurity and hubris. There's no doubt that helicopter massacre video was a valuable item for many reasons -- especially for informing the public discourse -- but I'm guessing that in his crusader's enthusiasm, Manning might have somewhat overestimated the earth-shattering importance of the other stuff he'd leaked. Nonetheless, Poulsen and Lamo come out smelling like real assholes in this thing. They seem to have acted purely out of self-interest in selling this poor guy down the river. It would have been one thing if Manning had come to Lamo and sent him digital versions of sensitive documents unsolicited. But Lamo misrepresenting himself as a journalist and even a minister (!) to entice Manning to divulge details of his Wikileaks activities is just appalling. It stinks out loud, especially considering how Lamo and Poulsen have made careers for themselves out of exploiting the loophole of journalistic source confidentiality to cover up and profit from their own computer crimes. And what's with the allegations that Manning is a transvestite? This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder, the longer and farther the bloggers run with it. My take on it is, loose lips sink ships and Manning sunk his own ship show boating , however Manning's leaks aren't the first I've seen or the last . I've seen plenty of leaked combat vids from returning vets coming in/out of Iraq that would make the wiki leaks vid look tame. And some crap will never make it to digital form on some mil server simply b/c there is not always a camera or document . Manning however seemed to be truly disturbed by the vids which is more than I can say for some vets I've encountered who showed off disturbing videos like it was some comedy clip. Thing of it is, combat desensitizes people into accepting brutal acts of wanton killing as common place and normal. I think Manning had lot of guts for what he did, namely doing what he felt was right (if only there were more people like him during WW2 on the German side) but I can't understand how anyone could blindly trust such a self centered and obsessed personality like Lamo , but don't think Manning is the only one who has it bad, Lamo will have to watch his step for the rest of his life. I doubt Lamo will even be able to have a public email address or any sort of privacy without government assistance b/c by doing what he did, he painted himself a major target. Its hard not to blame Lamo either, he could have simply ignored it or walked away almost effortless to do. Lamo willfully took the extra step to inform on Manning , almost as if he were demonstrating some sort of hypocritical self righteousness . I think thats what infuriates most about the situation, and now Lamo is probably going to need some serious meds for the amount of anxiety and fear hes probably experiencing as a result .
  14. State gov auctions next to ISDs are the best! However for those not able to make auctions , Ebay is by far the best in finding sparc hardware for cheap. Picked up a fully loaded Sunblade 2000 for $50 . Average resell on those are between $500 and a few grand. Sparc hardware just seems to have a certain geeky nostalgic vibe to it, which is why I'm amassing a Sun workstation collection which I plan to have running or otherwise cataloged for decades to come.
  15. Looks great, shows lots of potential as an Indy tech show. Keep at it man .