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  1. Thanks to this thread I have rediscovered Legend Of the Red Dragon (LORD). =)
  2. Synergy is extra awesome because it is also cross-platform. We use KVM switches at work for when you only need to work on a computer for a moment, and when you also want to use the same monitor. Mostly used some ancient D-Link KVMs, but the age actually speaks well for them (although I always had a special hate for D-Link Routers).
  3. <begin AMD Rant>We did some recent tests with similarly priced AMD processors and they failed below Intel in almost every category. A coworker of mine actually ran the benchmarks, although these tests arent always accurate, the numbers werent even close. When we presented it to the AMD reps they were baffled. I actually used to be an AMD fan, but it seems like they have had a focus more on competitive pricing than performance.</rant> All in all the system looks decent though. If I would change anything it would be to switch to an intel core i7 or i9. Having memory management right on the CPU really does make it killer. Also, I saw this awesome HP metal case that I'm in love with. Its from a Z600 workstation my company bought. Probably way expensive though. Here's a pic of it. Link
  4. When I first started with Linux some years ago (Ubuntu 4.10) I just wiped a computer and used Google, Ubuntu Forums and the ever so awesome (and previously mentioned) man command. I would agree with starting on Ubuntu and using USB/CD distros to experiment. For me, it really helped to be able to explore different distros, experiment on them, and have my inevitable tinkering break a system until the next boot.