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  1. I was watching tv and noticed that on a local comcast community bulletin board station you can see a mouse arrow on the screen and I had just never considered the fact before that the channel ran what is probably a slideshow on a computer. I took the pic where you can see the mouse arrow. Does anyone have any pics of computer malfunctions showing up on tv stations?
  2. I'll research into that and post what i find. I kinda stopped updating the blog because I ran out of ideas for posts,but if you or anyone here would like ro reccomend something they want to see a blgo entry on that would be great.
  3. Hello Gambit,whats up?
  4. This article on infinityexists might help you.
  5. is a blog a started,i no long update it,but it has some great articles. Please check it out.
  6. U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70Survival
  7. LOL
  8. What is the point of having one giant image from 16+ webcams? What is your goal you want to accomplish with the giant image?
  9. I agree with Latera the more population the more you have of good old hackers who hack to learn and attackers who hack and attack for profit and criminal enterprises.
  10. For the default pins,pretty much the same thing that m3747r0n said,but for a more comprehensive list you might include 2222,3333,4444,4321. What a long list lol
  11. Did they also pentrate your lan/company network or just obtain web application login credentials?
  12. Yea,lulz,if you don't tell anyone about that picture of me on i'll break into walmart and steal their data.
  13. Maybe, Area 51 is a giant walmart data center? lulz!
  14. Do ya'll live near Shreveport?
  15. That is genious! (*maniacal laughter*)