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  1. I will be happy when you find out more
  2. There are many wardialing programs that will automatically scan through exchanges like a hot knife through butter. But, I prefer to do all my scanning by hand. This gives you more freedom to interact with anything you may find. Sometimes wardialing may overlook something that you could have originally found by hand. Sometimes when you call something you have to press #, *, #08, or some kind of crazy combination to access a "hidden menu". In short I will conclude by saying that I would suggest hand scanning. But, it's all personal choice.
  3. As would I, but then again people would know about it
  4. There are some crazy mofos in this world. :help:
  5. Cool, new info is always yummy!
  6. CATSEX?
  7. nice one
  8. Phreaks, it's what's for dinner!
  9. doh!@#$ :cuss:
  10. An excellent source for asterisk info is: It covers practically everything. ← Appreciate it bro.
  11. Do you guys possibly have some collected links dealing with Asterisk? This is new stuff to me and I'd like to take a look. Of course, I've already been looking on Google but I know you guys already have some links Thanks.
  12. Ahh, okay I see now. Thanks
  13. 66 block? 110 block?
  14. haha, he/she should be pleased