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  2. I ,personally, started to learn this very year, for the moment I'm trying to learn about programming , I'm learning Python as my first language and reading as many pdf files about hacking and read some about phreaking that got my interest ( especially the one i found describing the 2111 conference....so many people talking on 1 free loop. incredible) but i read 1 article( for the moment ) here on BinRev that says that Phreaking doesnt really work with the new digital age of phones. my solution to revive phreaking is, if its getting digital ....it's just getting closer to hacking....so mixing phreaking and hacking together might revive the flame (i have no knowledge whatsoever of what im talking about....im just firing ideas and suggestions as they come). i have attached the file where i learnt about phreaking (it's pretty old but it still hooked my interest)(the p25 is just where i am at in the file) The Official Phreaker p25.pdf