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  1. Dammit google - dont be evil!!!
  2. So i want to get a Ham radio and i am a complete noob on the subject. Basically what i am looking for is something that is good, cheap(limited budget atm) and has low power req (hopfully want to be able to power it with solar and some batteries. anyone with any good suggestions?
  3. From the site: AT&T -- or whatever company it is that's going by that name these days -- has decided to pull the plug on its pay phone business, over 100 years after the first coin-operated model was installed in Chicago. I knew it was going to happen i just didn't think they would be killing them this quick.
  4. Ron Paul pwns
  5. Yeah they got some good products i would like to play with.
  6. Got some good stuff there but i am definetly hesitant on using them if no-one has ever heard of them.
  7. This is great!
  8. For those that haven't seen it This is pretty damn good, basically the story of How the hell do they get away with using access?? It gets two thumbs up on Stank's scale for watch-worthiness!!!
  9. It used to work back in the day... have not tried it in about 8 years now. But it definetly did work at one point in time.
  10. Will definetly look out for that. But you have to agree that is an insane deal if it is for real.
  11. this is nuts! 55GB storage and 5TB transfer for only $5 a month! If anyone knows of a better deal let me know.
  12. Dammit someone stole my idea! (like i have any time to make it anyways) A proxy for google that erases your seaches after an hour.
  13. I found a government auction site that has some incredible deals! Anyone want an 84 foot torpedo retrieval boat? only $6300!!!! Old servers for cheap, some FEMA trailers, ect. They also have some cool communications equipment too.
  14. I have never had a problem with safari crashing while im on binrev. And for surfing its all about Torpark!
  15. Oct. 5th - World can't wait protest. Sorry its of such short notice.