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    The skies the limit!!! everything from sports (primarily basketball) to art (preferably surreal), to computers (predominantly network sharing), to wildlife. I dig philosophy and religion, as well as science and action. Reality is a game I play with my fear, and my fear is a line I cant afford to draw.
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  1. Where would a good place to start if my prior knowledge of computers is taken from a generic CS110 class, and having taken apart a couple of computers only to stare dumbly into it and suddenly have a craving for warm milk? On one of those two occasions I actually whipped out a cue tip, dipped it in saline solution and wiped the shiny metal casing with it after some water damage, to conclude that it needed a new key board and was satisfied with a usb plug in wireless that I had laying around. I have created a window on msdos about 5 years ago, but that was it, and I only remember the slitest details of the process.... oh good times....
  2. a question???

  3. they're talking about trackers not clients, but yes utorrent is awsome. Well for the most part I use newsgroups to download things (especially movies), but by far my favorite tracker is Demonoid, and I use Zcult-FM for comics. (requires registration) There you go not reading posts thoroughly again... i tend to use azureus and mininova. Tho, since a couple people have mentioned it, I may check out utorrent I used azureus on multiple occasions because of its variety; the malware I always seem to pick up there, and the frequency of fake torrents, though makes using it an inconvenience. I haven't tried mininova, I will and I hope it's better. Efficiency is nice.
  4. what do I do to get started??? This seems like a lot of fun and I am excited just reading through, but I am trying to deal with a Trojan in control of my firewall on my netbk. how can I contribute and what defines my prestige, is their a forum for "T0tal n00bs"? lol