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  1. So, I tried to hack my school's powerschool. So far, I managed to hack powerschool's admin account. I also got PowerTeacher admin previllage. But I got this problem. I can't view Teacher's password. I clicked on editing teacher's security setting and stuffs, but those passwords are masked. I can change those passwords, but can't see it. changing passwords are too risky.. is there anyways to get powerschool teachers' password with admin account? I don't care if its md5 encrypted password. In moodle, I was able to get backup datas of moodle, and in there I found md5 encoded passwords, and decoded it. So, is there any similar stuffs in powerschool? I don't care if the process if complicated. . If there's any solution, please please, tell me. Seriously its only a step more to take, and its driving me crazy.