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  1. So you want us to dox you ...? Seeing as how you gave away your Internet pseudonyms (lattera, kinglattera, 0xfeedface) anyone could pretty much do a Google search and easily get more info about you online. About doxing.. shouldn't be too hard.
  2. My school also uses Powerschool. From what I know it definitely uses the MD5 hashing algorithm, or on the login page at least. On the login page, after you fill in your username and password and hit the submit button, you'll notice that the password field is expanded (meaning that there's more characters than usual). This is because JavaScript changes the value of the password field to its MD5 equivalent and then sends the password in encrypted form instead of as clear text. And I think the reason for that is because the data's being sent over an unsecured connection (no HTTPS) so a sniffer could read what's being sent across the network. Except I think that can be beaten. Maybe if you have a sniffer running on the network, then you could get those MD5 password hashes along with the login usernames, which are in clear text. You might be able to make a manual HTTP request to the authentication page with the login details (and no need to decrypt the password since it's supposed to be sent already encrypted) and be able to log in as an administrator / teacher. Not sure about that though, and if the MD5 encryption for the passwords uses varying salts then it might not work. But just a thought.
  3. Can you specify what "things illegal" were being done in the name of hacking in the time-frame "just before there was Unix" please? Before Unix there were people who Used "Phreaking" because AT&T Company Existed as a Phone Exchange and a Dial-Up Provider. Peoples are of Every color. They are From a great "Hacker" to a Great "Explorer". Belive me or Not "Anarchists" are everywhere, So were they Back then ! Damn, they only had dial-up back then in the 60's? Poor bastards, I don't know how they managed. I wonder what facebook was like back then? It actually looked pretty amateur back then. If I remember correctly it was started in 2006, not completely sure though.. You can go to, type in and find the earliest entry.