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  1. Yeah, right now our DID options are pay only. Everything has a price that is per channel, per minute. Maybe I should open another poll/thread to discuss our other options. You should just stick to something like fwd or creating a sip/iax account when a person signs up for the show so they can connect. Phreak Phactor isn't worth that kind of money and it will get insanely expensive quickly. Yeah that sounds pretty good. There isn't any point in spending a ton of money on it when you don't really have to. I'd love to see the show come back though, phreak phactor was so epic. Edit: Hey, can someone seed on the phreak phactor torrent? I can only find MP3s up to episode 11 on I'll seed for at least a few weeks once I have a full copy. Sonofa bitch... This is Lunar first off, new ID. Second, I had the rest of the Phreak Phactor Episodes.... but guess what NO ONE WANTED TO HOST THEM, so they are probably gone forever now, unless someone wants to do data recovery on my external hard drive for free, seeing how I lost all my data. I dont wanna pay for data recovery quote if nothing can be fixed. So it's been a year but I will do everything possible to get this shit going. Also Im gonna somehow get the 40 dollars for an episode. 5th anniversary of its death. If you'd like to donate to getting an episode of phreak phactor for the summer special, send money via paypal to and I will make sure we get something going. If it's still 40 dollars, then it should be all we need. Also, wanna add, I wear my bin rev t-shirt all the time proudly, yall should get one too and do the same. Oh and if anyone is in florida, and has some bitch work I can do for a lil bit of cash, I really could use it Ill sick your cheesy unsircumcized dick if I have to. I NEED MONEY. /cry On that note I'd like to make people aware, the paypal money sent for Phreak Phactor will ONLY be used for phreak phactor.