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  1. lmao, you fucker. Not funny! you know how paranoid I am!! :omfg:
  2. We're scattered about, im in glasgow, but the rest mostly in London. We're going to be holding out first ever THV Meeting Friday 7th October (2600 day) till Saturday evening in london, so people are welcome to drop on by the forums to find out where its going to be ect.. As for the front page, yeah i thought that would be funny, caught a few members out with it, one of them reall shit themselves on irc, lo, not saying which tho Done it after daily visits from the FBI in our logs. hehe.
  3. Well the UK hacking scene now has a voice! Inspired by the lovely work of a Mr. Stank Dawg and the folks at BinRev. Myself, Belial, Planetlave and 10nix have been working hard these past few months building up the infrastructure for a place where the Hackers and Phreaks of the UK can come together are share information. Now that we have that in place we would like to extend a welcome to all BinRev UK (and non-UK mind you ) members to drop by. We also put out a radio show, Hacker Voice Radio, 5 nights a week giving you the very latest informaiton we can. We are here to teach and to learn together. We realise that things always start off small, but with your help we will quickly grow into a top place for UK hackers to unite. We are at Peace out
  4. Some of our latest episodes arn't on our servers yet unfortuantly. We've kinda ran out of space and until we get that sorted we're relying on, we've kinda ran into a problem with them, so unless we find a mirror or until we increase space on the server, you'll have to either catch us live on the stream at 9PM nearly every day, always on at weekdays tho. Or catch the stream when we're not on live, we play all the previous episodes there. Always a good laugh!
  5. Just for a wee update. The latest episodes have been uploaded to the website and are on the stream server for anyone who is interested. The Hackers Voice, the UK community is growing quite well, so cheers to the binrev people for spreading the word in the UK at your 2600 meetings to everyone. Also a big thanks to 10nix for being on episode 9 last week, great ep! Sorry i missed you on IRC last night buddy. For those who have not heard, The Hackers Voice, and the radio show Hackers Voice Radio is a UK hacking community set up to get the UK scene active again. We're slowly building up the community and indeed the site, but good things take time. The radio show is a DAILY radio show, normally starts at 9PM GMT, sometimes it lasts between 1hour - 2hours, depending on what we're talking about. The articles section of the site should be up fairly soon. This is where all the THV people from the UK can share information. Instead of making a magazine, we put it all online because you cannot put a monetary value on information. So thanks again to people who have listened into our show, emailed us, have come on our IRC channel and supported us whilst we've been starting up. For people who are interested in learning more about whats happening, visit our site at Thanks!
  6. assemblys pretty sexy really, sure it can be a bitch at first, but i found it nice. Just make sure you have some pretty nice books to learn it from tho, otherwise it'll be a pain in the ass.
  7. wtf they still develop that?!
  8. Free software for *nix eh? Did you even read through this list before you posted, an anti spyware section with WINPATROL on it? Its a windows program ffs! Also the last time i looked winamp didn't have a *nix version, and why would it, they're owned by AOL. Also you got a few dead links there, WindowsCleaner for example...
  9. irongeek man you rule, digg ppl are wanks
  10. Would just like to add that the site has been updated with a new design to those of you who did not listen to tonights show. Things seem to be picking up now, still got some minor issues and the stream server went apeshit earlier, but all is fixed now. As for content, thats going to pick up a good bit But that can only be improved when the structure of the show has all the creases ironed out. But things are going nicely To the listeners, if you have something you want to talk about then please call in, or drop on by our irc channel on dalnet #hvr, there you can message us with your number and we'll hopefully call you (if we have enough time) if your unable to make an international call. Hopefully soon we'll have a US phone number for people to call into the show.
  11. the o'reilly php books are great. But i have to give alot of credit to the PHP 4+5 for dummies and PHP + MySql for dummies books, when i picked them up i flew through them really fast, the author knows her stuff, easy to pick up. After that I moved onto the higher books.
  12. HVR is an awesome fucking show! I listen to it all the time and I dont have any problems with it what so ever. The sound quality is excellent, i know belials setup, professional mics, professional mixer, the guy has spent alot of time and money on it. Sure there might be a few MINOR sound issues due to skype, but keep in mind that it has only pumped out a few episodes and everyone at HVR is working to constantly improve the quality wherever we can, be it in content or sound. What would you rather have, shitty phone conversations where you have to strain to listen? If you think you can do better, then show us, wheres your fucking awesome show with crystal clear THX quality sound? Exactly, you dont have one and you dont know how much effort and time it takes, so shut the fuck up!
  13. Vonage have moved to the UK, anyone tried out their service? They look hot as fuck, read the features list and you'll see what I mean. I dont think they're a complete replacement for BT, just an addon, which is ok anyways cos im tied into a 12 month DSL contract, that accually has good service, lol (plusnet). But some the features that Vonage UK are offering such as; virtual phone numbers, simulring, free caller id, free local and national calls, international to the states for 2p/min and tonnes more, is just mindblowing, well for the UK anyway, and all for £9.99 a month. So if anyone has tried it out let me know how their service is, seriously thinking of getting it.
  14. would have if i could have but im at this shitty internet cafe
  15. Bastard! Heading off to for the usual shit you need to download for old computers and i see that they got owned! no fair, but still nice