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  1. I called it once and sat for over 3 minutes and it was silent.  Then I hung up.   Weird but interesting.
  2. Yup. Then the AT&T landline number doesnt simply read back CPN, but does something more to get the main number for the account I guess..That could possibly be cool to find the main number for some AT&T PBX calling you.. i guess..(which anyway is only right If the number the landline toll free number reads back is going by caller ID and not the billing phone number, in which case it could easily be spoofed, something I cant check at the moment anyway) The redcom loops always rule, and this was a great one. 714-800-2911 - local sounding error message, repeats 714-666-0101 - silent termination 714-666-0102 - old CBCAD message "2CB" 714-666-0110 - carrier/fax 714-666-0009 - AIS, old message (you can hear the mechanical stuff with the announcement of the number) 714-666-0002 - milliwatt test 1337 - busy/reorder 714-303-0010,2911,0303 - What is this?? I've reached an invalid tater? It's on alot of the numbers for 714-303 apparently. 714-303-0000 - carrier 714-444-0001 - older intercept message with SIT 714-666-0101 - silent for about 30 seconds then reorder. I called it using my POTS.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, that helps a lot.
  5. I'm looking for a website I once bookmarked but lost. It had a quiz you could take which would find the best distro for you. I saw it posted here once a few years back but I did a search and can't find it. Anyone have the link to it or something like it? I know this is probably a shot in the dark but I thought I'd ask.................