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  1. Found this when I was clearing my old house out... Old celnet with the old huge credit card sized sim, the ones that could be cloned easily. Didn't come across the charger but sure it wouldn't be hard to get one if I wanted to power it up.
  2. Just called it again and it is no longer that sound... its the engaged type ring. I'll send you the number still though. Most likely what I was calling from (mobile with calling card for international).
  3. VOIP??? I'll pm you the number. Thanks.
  4. As the title really, what are people scanning numbers from? I used to do the 0800 numbers (UK toll free) from different pay phones around the area. What is everyone else using for free phone numbers and normal numbers? VOIP? Mobiles with call plan? What?
  5. Here is a weird noise I came across on a mini scan I started... the systems are most likely very old because of where these are situated in the world. The other audio clip is of a strange engaged type ring... but I don't think it was engaged... maybe not in use... this was the only engaged noise I got that gave a tuneful noise like this. Have a listen and tell me what ya's think. call_17-24-17_OUT_03300010256.mp3 call_17-25-39_OUT_03300010256.mp3
  6. Interesting... It doesn't sound like BT to me... sounds American. The bleep inbetween is the same sound as when you dial an incorrect number. Other than that I don't know. Very interesting though!
  7. 0800 890 201 - N/R 202 - N/R 203 - N/R 204 - Click then nothing. 205 - A man spoke in a foreign language, when I said hello he replied in English. Then the phone went dead/insuficent funds before I could ask where/what I was calling. 206 - N/R 207 - N/R 208 - N/R 209 - N/R 210 - N/R 211 - AT&T - Dial number you are calling... Seems like another direct dial system. 212 - Click, whistle, bleep. Then insuficent funds. 213 - N/R 214 - N/R 215 - N/R 216 - Bleep bleep. (In my note book it says: fax? at the side of the response but thinking about it that wasn't a fax). 217 - N/R 218 - N/R 219 - N/R 220 - Some foreign correct call. 221 - N/R 222 - N/R 223 - N/R 224 - N/R 225 - N/R 226 - N/R 227 - N/R 228 - N/R 229 - N/R 230 - N/R 231 - N/R 232 - N/R 233 - N/R 234 - N/R 235 - N/R 236 - N/R 237 - N/R 238 - N/R 239 - Click. Italy telecom. 240 - N/R 241 - N/R 242 - N/R 243 - N/R 244 - N/R 245 - N/R 246 - N/R 247 - N/R 248 - N/R 249 - N/R 250 - N/R So, all in all a pretty boring scan! Sorry for the delay in putting these up. Everytime I think I have some free time something just pops up! Will do the next 50 asap!
  8. Just out of interest, how would you know if you found a number that terminates on a C5 or R1? I know there are C5's and R1's still out there in places. I know it's pretty much useless these days trying to box them as from my country they will mute the mouth piece to stop tones being sent untill the call is complete... I get free calls from my mobile call plan, so no need to mess around with things that could land you in trouble anyways!
  9. A little off topic but I read AT&T are rummored to be putting an offer in for the Cable and Wireless business.
  10. Because of my stupidness, I was dialing the wrong number for USA direct. I have already dialed it in the first 100 numbers of the 0800 890 XXX scan... it is 0800 890 011. I was dialing 0800 890 0011 (because I checked the number on the AT&T website and I read it wrong) so BT was reading it as 0800 890 001 which is not recognised... I'm not usually this stupid, HONEST! Anyways, while out today I popped into a phone booth and tried the proper USA Direct number with a couple of American toll free numbers I got from a textfile scan. After dialing the correct number it prompted me for the number I was calling, I entered an 800 number and then AT&T asked for a calling card number... now I know not all American toll free numbers would work but I didn't come across one that went through, having said that I didn't try all that many so perhaps I just haven't found one that does. I really did think 90% would be free... I guess it will probably be 10% free and the rest will have to be paid for. So, I'll keep playing with it and see what I find.
  11. The story of the phreak who called the presidents bomb shelter? Do you think it's true? It does make for an amusing story one way or the other... I think I first read it in the Hackers Handbook some years back. I had a flash back of it this morning as I was checking this forum so I googled it: "story of the phreak who called the presidents bomb shelter", and sure enough it was the top link. It's an enjoyable 5 minute read if you haven't heard/read it before. Thinking about it, in todays society calling anyplace like that without good reason you would be apt to get yourself shot/locked up... I wouldn't even like to know the number... hell with all the terrorist activitys something like that is serious. Actually, even if I did have an excellent reason to call I still wouldn't. Mess around with fire like that and you are gonna get burned.
  12. That was my "limited" understanding of the USA Direct that it was toll free with no subscription so people away didn't have to pay at international rates. And LOL @ domain snatching bot. Yes, it did sound like some sort of static coming back... when I first heard it I thought it was going to connect me to an operator but there was nothing... anyways, that has enlightened me! I did randomly scan a few numbers in the 890 1XX bracket today and that was one of them (it interested me so much I dialed it when I got home to see if I got that line noise again, which I did)... I went out with the intension of using the USA direct and I didn't have my book to write down the responses. Thanks
  13. *slaps self* I guess I already dialed the tandem today by accident (see "A couple of things" thread)... numbers numbers numbers... >.<
  14. Nice one! I was gonna get on with those next 100 numbers sometime this week so it's saved me a job I guess I'll do the following hundred then, the 0800 890 2XX. Theres a couple of numbers in the 100 you have done that I'm going to have a listen too as well... the 2 PBX's and the tandem recording will deffinately be worth a dial.
  15. I've been interested in the USA AT&T direct number for a bit now, and today I had a bit of time to play with it... Or at least I thought I did. Anyways when I dialed 0800 890 0011 which is on the AT&T website I was disappointed to find it didn't work. I kept getting the standard BT number not recognised message. I read some toll free numbers can be used from direct and that was the idea to play around with them and find out what toll free American numbers I could call. It does say on the AT&T website it is avalible from select locations, but I found there was a Phillipine direct avalible from one of the regular payphones I use to scan which worked. So I guessed if it was possible to use it for a third world country it would certainly work for the US. Is the USA direct a subscription thing, as I couldn't find anything on the site saying it was and I was under the impression it was a free phone UK number so Americans working away could call back home with out paying international rates? OR am I barking up the wrong tree and what I think is completly wrong? Another thing I came across while doing a little scan was: 0800 890 114 where I got the: Call cannot be completed in a distinctly American accent, then went quiet and then said 2CU... After a moment of waiting I got some kind of line noise that sounded strange... I was wondering why I didn't just get the standard BT: "number not recognised, please hang up and try again" message? I was also wondering what 2CU meant? I look forward to reading what you think!