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  1. Since I respect you a lot Droops, I will not continue to post episodes of my show (ftcradio) on your site, there is no technical value to it, as you say, I only ever had one show that ever did on Hackermedia, and it only lasted 5 shows. I am a gamer at heart, and Kizzle always welcomed me with open arms to Hackermedia. I posted 25+ episodes of Nextbox on Hackermedia without issue, it wasn't technical either, but under new management I do respect your decision. Thanks
  2. It's a good show, very entertaining and interesting. Jason Scott can take a small question and turn it into the most interesting thing to listen to. An interviewers dream! I'll have to listen.
  3. Good stuff. (Y) I think you guys would be at a big advantage with some better audio equipment. I'm going to take a guess that you're probably using some $10 labtec junk? Also everyone being in the same location would improve the audio as well.
  4. I wouldn't advise this to you whitesword, from what I understand, you're on dialup. Unless you intend on streaming at a very low bitrate.
  5. Thanks I'll talk to you no IRC.
  6. Can someone point out which picture is of who? I'd like to have a face associated with the names of these people.
  7. He didnt point out an error, just said he got a blank page when he executed it. If you can find no errors, try to "optimise" it or fix any SQL lines that aren't right. I know thats very general but I need help.
  8. This might belong in the general code section, but since I'm a noob at SQL, it can go here. I just need someone to debug my friends SQL script. He says he wants it optimised for use on his site. I'm not sure myself what’s the problem but if anyone could debug this for me I would really appreciate it. Also if you are successful and need it, I can provide free web hosting/shouts on my radio show ect. Any other way I can help you. The script is located along with all the files Here Edit: Yeah I know it's not his script, he jsut needs it fixed.
  9. I must get a copy
  10. Oh oh lucky got PC whipped! :devil:
  11. well, our hosting bandwidth got maxed out yesterday, so i can either drop you a link when we switch to a backup server, or i can just send you the file. also, i like your show notes alot better than mine, mind if i steal them? ← Pony, I'll try to work that stint out as quickly as possible. I am using Jason's copy of my shows currently. He is missing 5 though. No biggy.
  12. I liked it. Like I said on hackermedia, just improve the audio quality and think out your topics a bit more. Good job though :voteyes: