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  1. I stumbled onto the Hacker Public Radio site from the Linux Outlaws forums... there was a link to BinRev under the friends section of HPR. I had to join up after checking out BinRev.
  2. Elegant is really in the eye of the beholder, so I would suggest trying a few of the more popular ones out in a VM. As previously stated, the WM/DEs can be changed, so you can achieve any look with any distro. For me, minimalism is king, so I chose to give Crunchbang a try. It is based on Ubuntu with the Openbox WM, which makes it light and nimble. I have since switched to a tiling WM, Awesome in particular, and am loving the change. If you're looking for elegance installed as default, I think Ubuntu 10.04, Mint, and OpenSUSE have the most 'modern' looking default setups.