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  1. Indeed. I've never failed with that method, although sometimes it took a bit of time to find. Google's cache of lost pages has helped more than one, incidentally. What's the story with programs claiming to crack rar pw's? Just a scam?
  2. Landline, mobile, voip? Makes a big difference. Try the nationwide pizza chains.
  3. Yeah, I do recall certain 855-250-xxxx tests working, but I'm pretty sure I had seen adverts with 855 #'s for a split second. Probably phonesex companies who tried to secure good 855's that spelled something, but jumped the gun with their ads.
  4. Does anyone recall that some numbers were actually assigned in 855, but then NANPA pulled the plug? Or did i dream that all up?
  5. I'm watching ep 4 right now.. this show is fucking awesome, I love the old tech!
  6. Have you tried uploading to google docs? Yeah, doesn't work, too big. The pdf has graphics, it's not just text. I was thinking more of a program that would let me keep the text in the original layout, rather than having to do the whole damn thing by hand.
  7. The black and green skin is fucked up for some reason. Bottom left hand corner, change it to IP.Board. Can someone just get rid of the custom skin for now, since it still doesn't work?
  8. Well, this guy did manage to read the rules about intent, which gives him a few points in my book. And referring to those skankazoids as "swamp donkeys" gets him about a billion points, so i say if anyone is gonna delete this thread, at least wait until we're sure he got the info he needed.
  9. Yeah, as soon as I read that this printout has some guys ss# on it, I'm saying internal network.
  10. Are there any programs that can translate a PDF to English. Google has a cool feature to do it, but the pdf's I want to translate are too big for Google, as they have graphics and stuff. If there is a way for me to translate just the text, but still keep it in the layout of the whole pdf file, it would save me the time from having to pull the text out, translate it, and then create an entirely new pdf with the new English text in place of the old text.
  11. Um, what? If it doesn't have a domain extension, then it doesn't go anywhere. This printout that you have; Any chance that whoever printed it decided to mask where it came from by just inserting random junk where the domain name should be, but forgot to ad a .com, .org, .gov or whatever? safmugweb01?
  12. The comments on the article from Fast Company are awesome. The original article ended with something to the effect of it being made dung beetles and bindis, but they edited it out, but there is much funnier stuff in there. It's ultimately stupid, though because they start quoting prices on components as if the manufacturer was only buying one piece. Look at it like this, if the total cost (to manufacture and distribute) is $34 and they sell one to everyone in India... How many people are there in India, like 50 trillion? That's bank! And if the Tato is going to cost $2500 in India, but $8,000 (I've read up to $18,000) in the US, then I can very easily see a tablet being sold in India for $35. As for the $10 laptop, this is it. They decided to go tablet instead, and now they're saying $35. Edit: Wait, sorry, from Wikipedia:
  13. If he expected to be a hero in the hacker community, then he's more of a nut than I thought. He's probably a big hero in the Total Fucking Asshole community.
  14. Even if they might seem accurate, whenever I see categorizations like that I'm reminded of those web pages that explain your personality type based on what beer you drink. Just because you see me drinking some Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA doesn't mean I won't be drinking Coors Light tomorrow.
  15. I read about this a few days ago. Funny how none of them noticed that "ROBIN SAGE" is the name of a Guerrilla Warfare exercise. In 2002, one of those shit-for-brains got themselves killed by a local Sheriff's Deputy. Anyway, this kind of SE trick will always work. Forever. Just like everything else, the internet just makes it a billion times easier; No need for an actual hot girl who knows what she's talking about.