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  1. I'm not sure about the static part, but I do believe it would work. I'm not saying to put the hose right down on the screen or anything, but just enough to get the crap out. I've done this with my laptop and it hasn't completely fallen apart yet. Psp's are a bitch though, especially if they're black. All kinds of fuzzy shit gets stuck in between the buttons and in the corner of the screen. I have the same problem with my DS. If only black gadgets weren't so sexy in their display packages... psp's now come in silver now also, although mine is black because there damn sexy in black
  2. hey I like screwing around with the myspace whores but seriously use facebook. Only reason I use myspace is because my girlfriend dont know about my myspace account
  3. I would say that a cheap can of co2 would work I dont know where they would cost 25 bucks I can pick them up for 5 bucks at office depot
  4. I always recommend Debian (my choice distro) to people wanting to start on linux I think Debian is more user friendly and come on how hard is it to teach someone to apt-get install to get a app. I cant stand windows its to easy to get malware and what not on it.
  5. Why dont we setup a koh Wargame box. If I had an extra box laying around I would host one.
  6. why dont you get a linux shell account and use the linux shell for a while.
  7. I can not get into 219.binrevmeetings.com
  8. get on you irc client connect to us.undernet.org join channel #bookz (/join #bookz) now type @find *title or author* now you should get many many replys for that book you searched it does work
  9. I do not have any thing in my admin panel for my cm
  10. I am aiming for around febuary 1st I have some local people out here pretty interested and expecting a small turn out but atlest there will be some people there
  11. any word from tehbizz? I am planning the first meeting
  12. I agree i miss tech tv I loved the screen savers
  13. thats funny but i dont remember steve jobs looking like that
  14. thanks man I want to start working on getting it set up keep me post bro Thanks
  15. how do i get ahold of him
  16. we had a vocational education school in our school district that was part of the school system and I would go to my regular high school for the first half then drive or take a buss to the voctional school for the last half of the day the school is call the hammond Area career center the school districts web site http://hammond.k12.in.us/ the career centers website http://hammond.k12.in.us/acc.htm
  17. it may just be my old school. We were asked to find weaknesses in our schools network. Hell the school i attended we were only allowed to attend one computer class a year because the class was half a day and our teacher and the other teacher used to set up a wargame box in our classrooms one for the A+ computer repair and one for the cisco class and we held class wargames one class keeping there box secure and trying to root the other classes box. Our Teachers were cool as hell. I remember going to VICA Indiana State Compititon in indianapolis and when we got there we basicly had freedom even though we where on a fieldtrip. We did what ever we want including having Female students in our hotelroom.
  18. can some one say REDLIGHT DISTRICT. I have been to Amsterdam 4 times It is awsome out there make sure you stop at the coffee shops :devil:
  19. look at the poll I remember reading this along time ago and did not think it was a joke at the time i also remember leaving a nasty comment there
  20. that job sucks, but that clip was pretty funny
  21. thanks encoder i was reading the post and I was thinking WTF did say
  22. yeah i did email him a while ago but he never got back to me
  23. hey I am from northwest indiana and I am interested in joining in. How would I get there if I took the south shore line to chicago? (I am in lake county Indiana) if you are from chicago you know the next town over from me gary indiana
  24. this seems some what interesting
  25. Darkraider's 25th Birthday