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  1. Depending on the tuner card, you can also use windows media encoder and create a stream that way, they have quite a few quality options, and work with quite a few video input cards. I have used this for broadcasting live events and it works pretty well, but you are confined to windows media player on pc or mac.
  2. Depending on the laptop things like batteries, battery chargers, extra cables, etc will nickel and dime you if you try to buy just a laptop and not kit, this can be a problem with ebay.
  3. Asterlink has gotten better, in the evenings a signifigant number of my calls wouldn't connect, now almost all of them go through.
  4. Check schools, municipal institutions for sales sometimes they dump a glut of labtops/pcs at the end of the year.
  5. I noticed some payphones in the area that were missing all the instruction cards were gone and the return lever was up, didn't have a chance to investigate, but it looks like they were being taken out of service, maybe queued for removal.
  6. Try switching to port 5901, and having the port forwarded to 5901, but the user have to add that to the url (, and then you can iterate up for each machine you need via port forwarding. I recommend if possible having the users vpn into the network if you have that available and then connect to the proper local address Much more secure, becuase basic real vnc is NOT ENCRYPTED, and you will give any intruder the next best thing to local access, and sniffable passwords, If the user leaves there machine logged in then windows login is out of the equation, you may already have known this, but its just a warning, for cheap vpn try looking into hamachi (I have not tried this setup, but I would if I didn't have vpn solution on my network), or look into a gateway appliance for the company, but it is up to the client "how high do they want the wall".
  7. Using windows command line, I can not for the life of me remeber how to get a exectuable file to be mapped to a single command that is callable from any directory. Ex: ftp maps to C:\windows\System32\ftp.exe If someone has an answer this would make my day.
  8. I obtained a Western Electric 500DM rotary phone and I am using it with my iaxy, everything works fine, excecpt for ringing. I hear the ringer moving but it doesn't quite ring (If that makes sense). Does any one know a fix/hack for this?
  9. Thanks Strom that did the trick, and the photos made it way too easy. It's going to be excellent for wake up calls, with asterisk.
  10. Get a safari account through oreilly:
  11. I wikipedia.
  13. I took a breif look at the code, I don't believe gmail uses port 25 it is 465 (just a thought). Edit: I didn't see raZer's post; Many services will block access to external smtp servers via port 25 such as earthlink and a handful of others.
  14. Woohoo I just got my tix. Props to all the Binrev presenters, looking forward to seeing some of those presentations. Viva Notacon
  15. MD5 is a one way cryptographic algorithm (Generally you can't find the inital value input into the algorithm), you can find values that produce the same hash result as the original value (a collision) for all intensive purposes this can produce the desired result. MD5 is now considered breakable, but this does not mean its practical, especially if the hash your are trying to produce a collision with is salted.
  16. I picked up a piece of equipment from a member on the forum, and had a good experience. I would much rather to do business with people on a forum than ebay, but I don't know how frequently it would get used.
  17. If you are having trouble getting the proper signal into the computer, you can forgo the mixing board with a cheap alternative, if you have a electric tuner that has an in & out that will usually be enough, or I use my crappy zoom pedal plus I get the cheap fx. I can't use my electric, I have to find the time/money to wire in a new set of pickups. , Thank god my acoustic has a mic. "Rockin' in the Free Software World"
  18. For just basic filesharing, almost any linux/bsd will be fine, but the two I have running. Slackware + Samba Debian + Webmin + Samba I webmin. I still set up and configure by hand, but for little crap, and some other tasks it makes life a hell of alot easier. Even at that speed webmin will run fine. Most simple http and cgi is pretty effecient and won't kill your proc. Small file servers don't really need to be super effecient.
  19. Look for webservers running on the network. Most biz. printers will have webservers. Alot of things are run on webservers, and just looking at a web page isn't usually a violation of any AUP. Very Easy, Very Simple, but can be interesting.
  20. Probably every one has already heard about the new WMF, but for those who haven't: The bad news no MS patch, but Hex Blog has a temporary patch for the new 0-day exploit to windows XP.
  21. I fucked up I typed in wmf exploit in the search and found nothing. Sorry for the dupe.
  22. You can always do the standard great/famous computer science: Atanasoff, Turing, Hopper, etc. You could go with different species of primates, more than enough to go around, and there is even one named after John Cleese (A. cleesei).
  23. In my experience for finding drivers for these parts, modems, sound cards, etc. The company names have usually changed, so number one I try to identify the current company that makes the part. If there is no clearly marked company name I will look for model numbers on the part and and start using google. This will usually work. Finally you can look at specific chips on the componets and look for similar parts and try to determine from there. As for the chips depending on the system you can check the ram type/speed and the board to find a general operating range from there, and look at pictures or descriptions of similar chips.
  24. Security Now has a episode with a explanation of Hamachi:
  25. On Debian I usually use this procedure if I need something to run at startup.