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  1. I believe I was mistaken, it's not Unix. From wikipedia:
  2. I have used microsoft video encoder it allows you to change the quality and it's a free download.
  3. If you have a asian food store in your area, the korean branded ramen noodles are about 10x better than smak or maruchen.
  4. This just in fundamentalist christians have used the sony rootkit to hide evidence of darwin's theory of evolution, carbon dating, and dinosaurs. Intelligent design has no opponet and must now be taught in schools. On another note they supposedly used lgpl'ed code. Which they will probably use the dmca to punish anyone who tries to prove other wise. So the code's copyright owner can't do anything about license violation. In the end like a good consumer, I will just crank up the apathy and buy the ps3.
  5. With my old nokia when it was by monitor, it would pick up interference a 1-2 seconds before my phone would start ringing, and stutter.
  6. Sounds a little confusing. But do you mean has the same content as, I.E. They are hosted by the same server, or = contentwise. If you are this will first be handled by the registrant, as domains all pointing to the same ip address. Then on your server you will set up ways to handle the requests to the server for the file i.e. request on yourip will be set to this direcotry, etc. This is agnostic as regards to server type. This means that all of the information is stored in one directory, becuase in most cases it's "pointers" I use this term very loosely. This would be the standard configuration, but the content very well could be mirrored over multiple directories or servers, if some one set it up that way.
  7. Tap cable or tap device... Plus the conduit may have not been for security it may have been to satisy fire/safety requierments, or for eas of running cables. Just a thought.
  8. Either clean up the logo for transparency or put it on a white bg, looks bad on the dark background. Otherwise looks great.
  9. Don't use credit cards, and checks, and the banks. Never give out personal information to any one, and don't by any means use a computer that could be compromised, i.e. on the internet and you do not have securly locked away in a vault. This is extremely unreasonable, much of the effects can not be prevented by being a citizen of this modern world. There are steps you can take, ask for and read privacy policies, be mindful of who you give information to such as companies you can trust, and ask if possible that they keep your info private. Don't use soc. numbers except for taxes and social security, call argue with companies. Get pre-paid credit cards, and money orders, if you are paying for things online, or over the phone. Surf privatley watch cookies, and user collected information. Secure your computer and network. You can't win your information will be out there whether you want it or not. Something will slip through, but you can minimize your risk.
  10. Addition to that more than you ever wanted to know about interfacing with http://, if you haven't read a rfc, it is the end all beat all on the protocol. Maybe not what your looking for but it is a great reference. RFC 2616 HTTP
  11. I would like to start a site dedicated to the use of AI (Agents, Algorithms, and Techniques) that could be used in a security related content. This is just in the conceptual phase. I a few topics I have done some initial research into, but I would like the community input on topics and possible directions of this project, also would this be of interest. Here is the basic thesis of the site: Explanation and application of traditional AI solutions to Security and Hacking problems. Just a Sample of the topics that I have been thinking about. *How to use all that data you've minned, AI based filtering. *Rule based AI and nmap. *Digital Swarms as a thinking army of Attack agents. I hope to provide not only this but quick and dirty introductions to AI topics that will be used and explain on a casual level what is happening, and provide code and diagrams where necessary. Let me know what everyone thinks.
  12. Actually they have a win32 GTK version, I use it regularly, I also recommend Dia. A little buggy on win32, but it gets the job done.
  13. One of the best things you could do is ask the admin if you could "learn" from him and ask questions that are not so confrontational. If you show a knowledge that you want to learn, and ask why these policies are in place. You can ask the same question and get answers you want, just ask it in the right way. Admins have to be assholes, because 90% of most user bases are inept. Attitude is everything when dealing with admins. If act on a adversarialy manner you will get treated with an adversarily manner. And they are just doing their job, becuase of policies most likely being put into place by administration. He/she is trying to keep the machines secure, I would do the same thing, elevate accounts on an as need basis. It sucks but they aren't your machines and you have to follow the rules, to be ass it's a privelage for you to use them, and your admins are likely overworked and underpaid, so they come up with the solutions that allows them to manage more boxen.
  14. I prefer Whaxitor. Sorry to thread hijack, just too tempting. Seems like it could be worth a shot, If it works out then pentoo is another tool to have around.
  15. Once you figure that one out, you can move on to How can a door be a jar.
  16. No virtual server refers to making connections from the WAN (external network) to the LAN (Internal Network). File sharing is LAN only so you do not need this.
  17. This is sometimes known as check sum, and is actually the way you determine a properly formed credit card, which is a good intro. Here is a link to how you check a proper credit card format (mod 10). Different topic, same idea.
  18. Whether you actually like Kevin Rose, or not he is preforming an intresting in experiment in the distribution of digital media. The distribution style is trying to put out a higher quality product than what internet tv is usually comprised of. I make no comment on the "substance" of the material but rather the production value of what he is trying to produce. Whether or not his company actually succeeds or goes under with in a year will be intresting. There is really no Biz. model for what they are trying to do. Yes there have been podcasts and iptv before him, but no one makes any real money off of these. The fact that it is not backed by a major corp. is kind of refreshing. As for the content, it is a perfect for his target audience. His target is not the "hacker elite" who live, eat and breath code, it is tech savy young males. He gives the allusion of real hacking, but without actually getting down to the nitty gritty. (I am using the definition of hacking loosely). I will have to admit the hacking with ramzi is good for a laugh. I am much more a fan of This week in tech I started watching alot of those people back when they were on ZDTV, and will continue to watch them becuase they provide discussions and punditry on subjects I am intrested in. I hope his group succeeds, becuase it only means more tech media, I don't care if it's good or bad, more media = more choice, and choice good, no choice bad!
  19. I have had a few incidents with LED and to high of voltage the super glow then alot of time the D (of LED) will just burn out and not emit light and thats it. I did get one that "blow up" nothing that fun. sorry if i let you down but, hey mabe there are some types that blowup?! ← I got one to go *pop*. That's about it.
  20. Add power, battery ----wire---- capacitor. Let it sit for a while remove battery, test with tounge. Warning don't actually do this.
  21. I am looking to buy some voip stuff a voip phone and ata. Any suggestions, besides ebay.
  22. I just had some experience with installing slack on a older machine. The biggest thing that I found that made a difference was the bus speed, which can mean a minute or two to boot up or 30 minutes+. This was a pentium II 333 Mhz, bus speed was like 33Mhz. I spent the 10 bucks bought a pent III chip and went to 450 Mhz and 100 Mhz bus. This made a huge difference. I run it as a server so command line only, didn't bother with X. You can run linux on most pentium chips without a problem, it's just a question of what you want running, and how fast it's going to run. Modems, Sound Cards, Video Cards, and Nics may or may not be supported depending on brand, because of the age. If it's some off brand card from romania don't get your hopes up. Note: Most bios post the the proc. speed when you boot up the machine.
  23. Are you talking windows programming, for C, or just C on windows. If you are intresting in the previous you are really delving into two topics, C, and the Windows API. I have done some windows api stuff in C not alot, stick with C++ for windows api. For free I always recommend the Bloodshed's C++ IDE, for programming on windows. If you like the gui approach, if not use *nix.
  24. I generally use Hoversnap for the pc but no where near as cool as that.
  25. Heres some insight by one of the great comic minds of our time. "You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And If you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. 'Cause You know what the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years? RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEAL fucking high on drugs..." -Bill Hicks We can note that nicotene, caffine, and alcohol are drugs. So just about everyone in the world has ingested a pyscho-effective substance. It's just a matter of what you like. For the most part those who are going to get addicted most likely will, some people are just hardwired. That's just the name of the game becuase guess what drug addiction is a disease, not a charcter flaw, and must be treated as one. I am waiting for the release of a narcolepsy drug, that allows you to stay awake for 60 hours without feeling drowsy and is not a stimulant. My productivity will triple, and so will my posts to binrev. And where are the smart drugs we were promised along with the flying cars, and cold fusion.