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  1. I was thinking about buying my first Mac and slapping yellowdog on there but I've been searching around trying to see if any of the Mac Desktops(eMac, iMac, etc.) are able to use wireless adapters other than the aiport ones that are not supported in linux. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. You're right it shouldn't matter what you name your image. So thats all fine. I googled your error and what I've learned is that lilo is trying to do something with certain storgae devices that may not be supported in your kernel. One Guy had the problem with his scsi disk even though it was not important for boot. Another had the same problem with his usb storage device. They both solved the problem by removing the disks that were causing lilo to fail. Though I'm not sure exactly sure if that is a real fix. And hey, if that doesn't work...you can always try grub out and hope for the best.
  3. My highschool offered a computer repair class and so at the end of the year if you did well enough they paid for the A+ test. I got that chance and I'm such a dumb fuck, I failed both parts of the test by 2 questions. Everyone basically crammed a years worth of material into 2 weeks. I said I would take it again, but I'd rather wait until I could actually spend that money and not care.
  4. Well, I dabbled with php. I used this site too learn some basic things. They give alot of simple examples and you can play around with them a little bit to create something of your own.
  5. im not sure if thats a typo in the forums or in your lilo.conf but that line should be image = /boot/vmlinuz z not x Also, your first post indicates that youre using 2.6.10 I assume you moved up to 2.6.12 because thats what your label indicates. I'm not sure if that matters or not I'm still a n00b but its best to change it to reduce confusion. hope this helps
  6. emerge can have my babies any day.
  7. the data is still on the drive regardless and if its somethign serious, then they will just remove the plates and extract the data....knocking your pc over does nothing....NOTHIGN I SAY! RARRRRR!!
  8. harro!
  9. penis was the first thing i did...it guessed sex ← Yeah, I did that too. It guessed love, then passion, then breast milk, and then urethra.. wtf..i guess it doesn't have penis in his vocab either? also, certain questions became very suggestive such as... "does it grow with time?" "Is it hard?" "Can you put it in your mouth?" XD