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  1. Oh.... my.... god.... You HAVE to tell me the hosting...
  2. Yeah, they'er are really out of date though... Orange book is still good to pick up, haven't read it all, actually... barely read any of it... But it's good to know some of the stuff (B1 standards mainly)
  3. Maybe... What would someone find noisy about a port scan and then soemone connecting to every single port and then sendmail SIGSEGVing and a funny new entry in /etc/shadow?
  4. flame NEW PEOPLE
  5. You forget -sV
  6. Just a hit a .tk domain that doesn't exist... There's a link up top which leads you to http://www.dot.tk/vc00100.html
  7. 3.48 is the newest out I believe.
  8. uh ok... cause on the wargame site it said, "Then you should go to /home/level1 directory and exploit level1.sh" Oh... Well then it was old... I found another good one.... hack.datafort.net Fun, shorter too, but more complex, and it ALWAYS has a little twist to figure out to exploit it, opens your mind... Not kidding leaned a ton of new ways to fux0r with programs Fun as hell.
  9. Assembly isn't compiled so.... It's assembled... Bassicly it's so close to bianry that you could actually a small sed script that did basic assembly... ie sed s/mov al,/\xb0/ sed s/ret/\xc3/ etc. You could also just code it in straight binary/hexadecimal, it's pretty easy for simple things, ie from memory I believe Linux exit() is \xb0\x01\xcd\x80 etc. For anything complex it gets hard to remember things like add [esp+ecx+1-ebx],eip etc. Assembly is the shit BTW
  10. Actually 31337, 1337, and 6969 are pretty common trojan ports so I'd add 'em
  11. Don't go to a home directory, just do "cd", the home dir is /wargame/levelXX Integer overflows are a bitch, I've been working on this damn thing for a week now
  12. I run through monitors lik mad... On the computer too much Once I had one that was SO blurry I had to get really close and considered this nromal
  13. First of lets learn some grammer about virus http://www.perl.com/language/misc/virus.html Ratboy wrote some good articles (I picked them up to learn the assembly ), useless now since it uses the PSP and I don't believe that exists in non-.com files (I may be wrong, the EXE header is the PSP perhaps? I have no idea, probably not), but still good to know, interesting too but kind of useless since it over writes the file.
  14. I'm gonna call him probably... I'm just embarrased, I'll probably call him within the next 2 months because he's getting old and I want to talk him... It would be pretty cool even though I'm more of a computer guy then a phone phreak.
  15. dual mentioned an off the hook in an old RFA with him... IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME, I think october 27 1992, check that out, that guy is right up there with Solar Designer.