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  1. Dont make me load notepad.txt
  2. i did alarms for many years and part of that we monitored elevator phones it has an auto dialer on the line that when u pick it up, it dials straight to a monitoring station, UA station that monitors the line its a 2nd party and has nothing to do with your skools password but you could always reconfig the auto dialer to call the whitehouse
  3. thats great maybe they will make a canspoof bill also to protect those pesky phreaks n hackers
  4. *Saps* Bill Gates around a bit with a large trout

  5. is there any sites to buy really cool phones?
  6. whats a good conf that will call out?
  7. i got a conf if anyone wants to call in i will be on about 9:30 ish cali time the number is 605-4754900 the mod pin is 783030* or 783030# i dont see the toll free dial in number u can look on the site for it
  8. anyone wanna go on a conf tonight? i say we all chill on a free conf call, hit me back if you want me to post a conf
  9. and cali. party line, 209-391-2772 408-538-1755 google dont give you nada about these numbers anyone here go on conf?
  10. cali. party line, 209-391-2772 408-538-1755 cant seem to find any info on these numbers, anyone want to try?
  11. my metro is free, who the hell pays for metro anyways?.. i guess there is no more free voicemails to unblock calls anymore? that sucks really... a lot of people keep saying trap call and all this stuff but back when ip-relay would give u a relay number it would email u the blocked call an then they stopped, so ive been looking for something like that again,....
  12. Metro used something called Meterm (spelling) for account pulling, not sure if they still use it i got a few master deal id's and pw's anyone know the url they use to account check?
  13. trap call is whatever i dont want people to use my real number and i think u got to pay for it now and i have metro pcs anyways, i know even with local ip-relay numbers they dont unblock calls im wondering if this is a new thing with the FCC or what but i just am looking for something like this so if anyone knows of a vm service or anything like it, hit me up, thanks