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    Never you mind...
  1. evolve? what has the matter mentioned got to do with you?
  2. just finished it yesterday dud0r....dont worry, ill put in some content and shit for yah
  3. Dude, I'm all for it, considering the fact that I'm not in the states I dont think physical meetings would work for me
  4. Well with my DNS server, domain names, web hosting and some other things like that I cant really spare $5 on a magazine...I have alot im doing right now. Also cash is really going downhill
  5. Did you check it out stank?
  6. illegally, how far can they get? if fuxored with?
  7. isnt up any more i downloaded a copy from the mirror site though...quite good actually Judge raises a ten plus!!
  8. I'd rather say mine here, 1) My location, sorry to say is disclosed to everyone other than good personal friends, due to reasons best known to me. 2) My interested are plainly stated, whatever cause will I be in binrev for? Well to state the obvious clearer, Im interested in Computers, more of a computer geek than either network security, or programmer, I havent currently mastered any programming lanugages, but im learning at top notch speeds... I havent had much time, I fell out of the internet for awhile due to some things that went wrong in my own personal life, I dont have any current projects im afraid..
  9. Sorry, does anyone have anything downloadable like hack this zine. But nothing that political, I need something to read. Geeky magazine's and shit, im not ready to go to my local vendor, still quite broke..
  10. As I once said, nothing is ever secure, the only way to secure a box totally is by not having a box. Even at that you could still get fuxored. That still doesnt mean you should leave your shit lying about like getting M$...
  11. you would like to think that, but then you have those people that are completely inept at using computers in general, they have such a hard time using windows and moving around the internet that computers themselves infact intimidate these people, my aunt for example, if she hears an odd noise from her computer she will freak out, she is scared by computers, now im not trying to be pushy here but it seems that you are under the impression that everyone is the same when it comes to computers, i dont know how long it took you to get a linux installed with out fear of fubarin y0 shiat but personally it took me sometime before i got really into using linux now its not that simple fact that people are ignorant and lazy but it could be just the fact that they arent mentally equiped for using computers just like you may not be able to be a carpenter or a metalworker or a train conductor. we all have our strong suites, computers may be one of them, but dont push it on others, ive seen it happen and i was once one who did that, you cant force someone to change the way theyve done things for years because it might be better, you need to slowly introduce it to them. saying people are ignorant and lazy is just ignorance on your part. ← Yeah dude, Like me for example, I'm teaching my 11 year old sister to use perl. I dont think computers really are her hot spots...but considering where the world is leading to I think it might be a necessity for the young ones to learn some things other than how to open my computer. Maybe I am pushing her...I wouldnt want her to move too fast for what she's capapble to do. Besides I myself am still very much a noob
  12. The tut. or I wont call it a tut. I'd rather call it an introduction to hacking... Its quite informative yeah, i really liked it, also you might just want to get hacking for dummies xconf. I dont have the book myself but i hear its quite a good read....
  13. *blushes*
  14. Sorry to disturb some of you that are engaging in "leet business" i didnt know where else to put this so i but it in misc. please just check out my site, if you like it give me comments on it, yes im still just starting it up but tips and pointers please thanx to those in teh irc that helped out....