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  1. Yeah if you know anyone who can read/write XML who also lives in or around southwestern Florida they've probably worked at Verifone at some point lol. If the stuff was available maybe it was my fault for failing to ask. I tried real hard to just do my job, come home, and leave work at work. The place drove me so nuts that I think if I actually dwelled on it after I got home I would've fire-bombed the building lol. Exactly what city in SW Florida would that be?
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  3. I bought an Omni 3750 credit card machine. Someone has changed the default password, so I can't reprogram the machine. Verifone has a code that will reset the machine back to the factory password. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  4. This is my first post here, hope it's right. I bought a Verifone omni 3750 credit card machine. The master password has been changed from the factory default. Does anyone know the key sequence that does a hard reset on this machine to restore the factory password? Verifone wants $155 plus shipping and tax. What a rip. Thanks