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  1. Oh man have I been looking forward to this!! mirror is damn slow :S probably cos to the sheer amount of downloads, only getting 80kb/s
  2. this sucks, faggot n00bs
  3. This is the best news ever!
  4. this is gonna be sweet might give me some insight on what to do to my hackmobile (dumb red nissan van with a laptop stand and a bitch ass wifi antenna)
  5. that just proves hes a homo! what guy dosn't think about pussy! :devil:
  6. If you want to know what to do and how to act IF you get caught, then the best thing to watch is Freedom Downtime by Emmanuel Goldstein and the 2600. You hear from quite a few in the documentary from people who have been in that situation, most famously Bernie S. Once you've done watching the documentary itself, watch the extra interview with kevin mitnick, if you have it, that lasts for about an hour, cant really remember, and he has some brilliant insights on what to do if you get caught. All the guy did whilst he was in prison was read up on the law and he gives you quite a fascinating insight on the workings of the Federal Government and the American justice system, or lack thereof.
  7. HA! It never got midget pr0n. Your sith mind tricks dont work on me, niether does your homosexual voodoo.. em..