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  1. Hey, my friend has screwed up his laptop and want me to lift the data of it. I was thinking of using a small linux on my usb flash drive and then using the dvd rom he has to burn his data onto DVD. The computer is a laptop so if i use a bootable disc like knoppix then i dont have anyway of lifting the data off. The easist way i can think of and the way i no how wud be to just burn the data to dvd. I found out that u need to use a program called syslinux to make the usb disc bootable. however all the material that i have found on how to use the program is very complicated. I have a linux that is 50mb that i want to put onto the usb disc. Does anyone no of a tutorial that gives u a walk through on how to do it on windows XP. I downaloaded the "syslinux-3.11" and i cant even get the program to run! I downloaded it to my hard drive but i dont no how to use it. Does anyone no of any tutorials on how to do it, preferably with screenshots. Or would someone be so kind to create one? I have tried googling but found no real help that i could understand. ps. i no my way around the interface of knoppix but none of the code etc thanx alot gnik
  2. ur right ppl, last night i was up till 3 in the morning and finally made the website. My plan is rather crappy, i think honesty is the best policy, i will tell him that i have been unable to do the evaluation and documentation and take it from there. thanx gnik Ps my idea behind it was that the teacher is only in once a week, but i think he will as "coding_monkey" said say that its my own fault
  3. Hi ppl, U maybe wondering why the hell i want to make a corrupt disc. Well i have the teacher called steve at my college and he is very very strict and we were ment to have his assignement in for last week but as no1 had even started learn the software (Flash MX). He is one of those teachers that doesnt no anyhing about the software and is more into the "dealing with a client" and thats why we were late for the first deadline.He decided that we could have a week longer. I am sure any of you that have used flash no that it is very hard to learn and produce a website in a week without having pria knowledge of software. and if that aint enough then we have to evaluate it and document how we make it. I have had a chat with a few mates and they say they wont get it done for 2moz. They will come in with exuses that he will fail or limit there grade for. However i have a better plan if i can i want to make a corrupt disc so that i have all the files on the disc (well named files) but when he comes to open them it says sorry this file is corrupt. I then wont have to see him for another week and in that time i should have it done. And he cant bollock me then So does anyone no how to purposly make a file corrupted? thanx alot gnik
  4. Hi ppl, I was just wondering if anyoner no's any rly good on screen capture programs that dont produce file size like 2gb for every 30sec like fraps! I have googlized this and found may programs however i want some recommendations of good ones. cheers tom
  5. Can you boot into safe mode? if so cant u creat a admin account and then get the password from the sam file?
  6. Hey, I was having a look on aferdawn and came across the article I read on and saw the comments made by THELAWMAN and what he was saying , "The problem arises when people are using them for profit (Burning to order) and when they are caught they use the "they are my personal back up discs" as a defence. I would never bring charges against anyone that i thought had just backed up there discs. It would not be in the public interest. My boss would never put a case into court if the seized goods were less than 4000 discs, anything less than that and she would seize the goods and issue a warning. " This part of the article to me seems a bit unbeliveable. What u think? Is he tring to say that if u have the warez,dvds etc on only 1 or 2 discs and are not using the stuff to sell then u will only get a warning? So you could have 1000 discs with different warez on them and u will only get a warning and the discs siezed? cheers
  7. Hi ppl I dont rly no where to post this so i decided to put it here. How many of you use either or Have any of you read the EULA (end user licence agreement)? I was quite suprise to read some of it and see what you are accepting when u agree to them. The word INDEMNIFY came up and at the time i rly didnt no wot it meant. I think it means, put in the context in the way they have used it, that if they are being sued then can ask you to pay some of the court fee's am i correct? Does this mean u can simply say no and thats it or does this mean that u have to pay the court fee's and a lawer will be knocking on ur door? I come from england and wondered if anyone knows the law in england but i would also rly like to hear what the law is in america and canada on this matter. Has anyone also been caught and sent to court over downloading and what happened? Demoniod EULA EULA to find where i was looking search for indemnify and read thanx tom
  8. hey has anyone tried using prefetch to speed up how long it takes to load? tom
  9. Hi, In evolves post he put "With good ethics as your guide, you rarely have to worry about falling on the wrong side of the law" and other people have used the example of "More like the hacker finds a way in your house, the cracker just breaks the door down" to find out if you have a hack surely you are going to have to carry out exploit out urself? And also you might have good ethics but if you are found out and taken to court how are you going to explain yourself? Also because you have brought awarness to an exploit that company is going to have to spend time and money to fix it? do you think they are going to right that money off? i hope i am making sense tom
  10. thanx for that. That is what i wanted. tom
  11. hi, I have plenty of DVD's that i would like to convert to AVI or DIVX. I have tried to use WINAVIconverter but cant seem to merge the VOB file into 1 single AVI file. Does anyone no of the tools needed? I am using XP. thanx tom
  12. hey, i cant remember who told me (i might be wrong) but i heard that as soon as u put a pirated version of XP on the internet then i automatically sends somthing to microsoft like a registration code. has anyone else heard about this? Am i getting things mixed up? tom
  13. Hi, Okay i got this movie and when it had finished, i went to open it and it asked me for a password. There was another txt file that had the addy but i cudnt get the website to work!!! I thought of using a brute force attack and downlaoded some software called RAR passwrod cracker but it estimated the time at like 78hr or more!! so i was wondering if there is any better way to get rid of the password? thanx tom
  14. Yer sorry i meant Knoppix STD In knoppix STD their is user such as john etc what are they? i have click on them but i cant get them to do nething thanx tom
  15. Hi, i posted a thread about hacking video and i just wanna say thanx for the replies, i have watch nearly all the videos and have the question, which is best for war driving, Linux STD or Auditor? In the broken they recommend Linux STD and in For the Shdows they are using Auditor. I have had a look at them both briefly but as i dont want to try and learn to many things at once and wanna consentrate on one and get to know it well. Which would u recommend? Do you also know of any e-book that can be downloaded that will teach me the basics of either of the applications? coz i eventually wanna know both. thanx tom