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  1. I've found a website were anonymous votes can be cast. The votes are cast via a simple GET request: /cast_vote.php?t={TIMESTAMP HERE} There is a response, but it's a blank response. It's one vote per IP address. Only IP's from within the UK can vote, other votes are ignored. So, I thought about packet crafting. If I was to use a tool such as scapy, would it be possible to alter the source address to a random IP within a UK IP class (such as a mobile network provider, or ISP) and send multiple GET requests? I understand I wouldn't get a response, the response is not important. But I have a couple of questions ... 1. By altering the source addresses from my computer, would it go through my router, and ISP, with the same source address and reach the destination? 2. Would the response get sent to the IP addresses I've effectively spoofed? And if not, would this effect the voting if the server can't send a response? Thanks for any advice in advanced.
  2. What they are doing is eWhoring. Making you believe their real girls to get you to sign up to a dating site or porn site. They say its free, but it costs and you get rebilled.
  3. Ok, so this is my first post. I'm not sure if this is a newbie question, but hey. I am looking into forging email headers. I have already been forging the from name, address and reply to for a long time. What I want to do is forge all of the headers so I can mass mail on a large scale. I think I am understanding this right, if i was to forge headers to do this I will need to go through proxies to send the mail, and not a single SMTP host. I might be wrong. Problem is I read somewhere that the IP cant be forged. I think that's the only header that cannot be forged. I assume yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc have advanced feature in place like reverse DNS to check the host and the IP match up with the MX records. I'm a little sketchy on this at the moment. But I know a lot of the big time mailers are using a method similar to this and I remember in the old times people used DarkMailer for this. But obviously people are getting through the spam filters and still mailing a lot of emails. Anyone care to shed some light on this?