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  1. You could have simply googled this though. Google is your right hand in this field. "Google, then ask" might help you out too, and Bing. There are alot of search engines that actually do answer questions, even complex ones.
  2. Direct TV has it's share of box cracking, you would either have to _SE_ the guy who comes to your house to hook everything up for you, or do lots of researching on this fabulous www. Since it violates the TOS, I'm going to have to cut back on info here, but you understand.
  3. Ive used Trinity (TRK) on XP and havn't had the chance to test it on Vista but.. just throwing it out there.
  4. If you still have problems with regular wireless setups just do it manually. sudo /etc/init.d/networking start sudo ifconfig <device> down sudo iwconfig essid <here> (if it has a wep key then add "key <here" after the ESSID <here>) sudo ifconfig <device> up sudo dhclient <device> That should get your wireless running. If your problem is identifying the networks then: *after networking start* sudo ifconfig <device> up /* just in case */ iwlist <device> scan That should get you the wireless networks around you.
  5. If you have Debian you could download .deb packages or download directly from the package manager. This should kill off some terminal time, although if you don't like using the terminal i suggest you switch OS. (IMO)
  6. Well start off by pinging it to see if its up. ping <ip adress> In windows it should give you 4 replies from the address if it is up, uf not then that would be 100% loss. If it doesn't show as up then try obtaining his IP address again, because maybe the one you have is false. Else then you have your hand full of options. If your friend is just at his personal computer with no services/servers then there isn't much you CAN do (from a starting POV). But if that friend's computer is hosting a website or any other kind of service, then it would get interesting from there. To see the services hosted by the computer, just scan the ports. Download "Nmap". It's a (simple to complex) tool for port scanning. Once you have downloaded and read (& understood) the manual, go ahead and scan the computer. If you find port 80 (HTTP) open, then you know it is hosting a web service. Research about web hacking from there. In a way to put it, it all starts with the thought, then the IP, then the tree emerges. Research about ports and services, mainly TCP/IP (I would suggest you start there). ~Anyone is free to correct me if i am wrong.
  7. Sorry if i bump this, I'm new around here. So, a way of obtaining an IP (The one i usually end up doing) is getting them to send me an email. Email headers contain alot of information and within all that is the X-Originating IP where their IPA is found. If you want to do it on the fly then i'd recommend you to send some random picture, then catch it. For Windows users, A trick i used to do was i made a batch script that adds binary data to a picture in a continuous loop, extending the filesize as it loops. This has proven a good method for sendin "small" pictures but since their size is constantly growing, the download process extends. The trick here is to send the file and when the contact starts downloading, execute the batch file that adds big blocks of random data to the image. This will give you a bigger window for catching the IPA. There are really alot of ways to do a simple task in the computer world, you just have to start from where you are most comfortable with. Anyone is free to correct anything I have posted... and my english is not perfect. (Not my first language)