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  1. I am appalled and sickened. In section 1.2 the writer states: The writer puts curious techies in the same group as script kiddies, attackers, and criminals. Wrong.
  2. Ok, I was misreading and thought it said it stopped reading after size, not size-1. I guess not.
  3. There is probably around 10 pay phones in my town, I never actually noticed them until I started looking.
  4. This looks like a pretty neat project: But I doubt it is what your looking for.
  5. I was going through the OpenSSH 5.1 sftp source code and noticed this: if (interactive) printf("sftp> "); if (fgets(cmd, sizeof(cmd), infile) == NULL) { if (interactive) printf("\n"); break; } Would the fgets call cause an off by one because it adds a null byte to the end of the string?
  6. I have used vb but much prefer python and C over it(For personal and compatibility reasons). The reason I use windows is that I find it is a better platform for reverse engineering, cygwin and virtualbox are always there for me if I need something that only runs on linux/unix.
  7. Cool, I will have a look at the synergy source(open source = win)
  8. Is there something I can buy or make that would allow me to use one keyboard for multiple computers, possibly being able to switch between each computer?
  9. If you dont find a exploit you could always go through the open source of what its running and find one yourself.
  10. It depends what you are planning to do with the hard drives. If you want to access the os that is on the hard drive than if you dont have the root password than how would it help? I am confused though, do you own the server? And when you said You were talking about the clients computers that connect to the server or the server itself? If it is the clients that they changed the XP look to then why do you need access to the server?
  11. Imagine the social engineering if they just gave out root passwords to people claiming to be the owner. I dont believe its legal for them to hold your own property from you, especially when you are right next to the thing. Is it running any other software besides an http server? Secure Shell or FTP?
  12. If you go with .net(C# or VB are most popular) than you can use the SendKeys function to press enter and print out the current password being used by the bruteforcer. For windows you will probably use the win32 api. I am not sure about mac os, cocoa maybe?
  13. As I said, if I was going to make one it would only be used under controlled conditioned. I would also attempt to make its transmitting area as small as possible to lessen the effected users. I just wanted to know how it would be done I probably don't have the electronics skills to do it if I wanted to.
  14. If its yours than why don't you request the password from the company you hired to manage it?
  15. I am surprised at the lack of encryption used by SMS providers. So it is possible to intercept traffic being sent through unencrypted sms? I didn't even know that people could intercept pager traffic.