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  1. Theres an LED sign like that on a road (not an intersate, just a local road) near where I live. The town just put it in within the last week, I am still trying to figure out what they are going to display on it...... I'd really love to crack the box open that's next to it and put some messages up there. Although, I probably won't, it'd still be fun. Maybe I'll take a few photos next time I drive by...
  2. I might be there depends on if I can get someone to go with me. It's only two hours but being only 17 I don't feel like driving it alone....too boring and if I crash I need to take someone with me, lol just kidding. If I go i'm staying with my folks in Jersey, right across the GWB (george washington bridge for all you non-jerseyians). Screw paying 175bux a night for a hotel. I'd rather commute to the city each day than pay that.
  3. I get what you're saying, but that won't help if he's trying to set up a website that will be accessed through port 80 by default. I'm pretty sure you need two IP addresses.
  4. I don't think it's going to happen unless you either figure out how to access http through another port (which isn't going to happen) or get yourself two different IP addresses.
  5. He used hacksaw blades. The work perfectly for lockpicks. I forgot what kind of metal you use to make tension wrenches...... Oh and minion, you might want to make some tension wrenches if you haven't already. You may be able to pick the lock but you won't have anything to turn the cylinder. And right, kudos to you for making instead of buying.
  6. That kind of depends on the person who's property you're on, doesn't it? ← No not really, because if you're not invited you're still trespassing, it just boils down to if you get caught or if the person decides to press charges.
  7. Not to hijack you post, but I have a similar problem. My keyboard (USB) will never work to alter settings in my Bios, and it used to work fine. It's not really a problem because I have an old PS/2 keyboard that i can use, but I always wonder what makes a piece of hardware just decide to stop working after it worked fine in the past.
  8. I'm not going to confirm this, but even if it is true, if you were to 'enter' a major company's machine, I think they would find some evidence so they could charge you. And there are probably other things they could get you on, like intent to do damage. But also think about it form a real world point of view, if I walk onto your property, isn't that trespassing?
  9. Who the hells posts a URL to the website? Take a friggin screenshot so you can archive it and laugh at them months from now. Not to worry, I bet someone else had the brains to hit Print Screen.
  10. USE mIRC!
  11. So I've been told.....
  12. I hear where you're coming from with all of that, but it was just my opinion and it's too much of a hassle for me to have to learn how to use something I have no need to use in the first place. I was not telling him not to use, by all means do, but everything I need is on windows, for the time being. (And I know i'm going to get so much flak for saying that.) By all means I hate windows and everything it stands for. But thats the exact OPPSITE mantality of everyone here! Come on have some fun LEARN somthing! ← And if you really want me to, I'll pull out my redhat disks and fucking install it on my computer right now.
  13. I'm just to lazy to do any more than double click and hit next.....but really, I'm not really into "hacking" so I feel that I really have no need to actually install it, when I can use a boot cd. But I have redhat installed on my laptop butl the LCD went on it and now I can't use it.
  14. Yea then you have the OS, and no apps, and unless you are into figuring things out, from my experiences installing anything is a bitch. Use knoppix until you understand it fully.
  15. Here's a little program called rockXP that will retrieve your CD key for you. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/rockxp.html