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  1. Perhaps in benchmark testing Ubuntu is getting slower, BUT...Im using fairly old hardware (amd64 sempron +3200, 1.2 gb and only the onboard video) and my ubuntu box is running 9.10 and it still uses less resources, boots faster, performs faster, and is more stable than my wifes brand new work laptop with a dual core intel centrino and 4gbs of ram. I have the extra visual effects enabled, ciaro dock (no gxl), desktop drapes, and google gadgets running and still only use around 200mb of ram when idle, my wifes M$ crapper uses that just to get to look like a plain xp desktop, so while in benchmarks it may be getting slower, in my personal user experience with Ubuntu I have noticed no degradation in speed and in fact actually have seen a slight increase with boot load times using 9.10
  2. If you simply want to use an OS to hack with out learning everything about the OS give nUbuntu a shot it specifically designed for cracking windows passwords and for network intrusion testing
  3. Man will never be free until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last Preist

  4. Personally I use songbird, I love the look and functionality of it. I used to use amorak and loved it but ever since nitely came out it seemed like they downgraded it instead of upgraded it so began seeing lots of hang up in it and some loss of functionality. Songbird could be better, like when I plug in my ipod, it'll see it and play from it but to remove or add songs I switch over to rhythm box becuz its just easier for that IMHO.
  5. Which version of Ubuntu are you running? Ive been using ubuntu since 6.10 and there are differences in what it will do according to which version you are using... M$ doesnt play well with *nix so may be why vista wont recognize ur ubuntu partition but if your using at least 9.04 then you should able to right click on your windows partion and open it as admin. as far as file formats go use software sources in the task bar >system>administration>software sources and enable the extra repos...then task bar system>admin>synaptic and enable the gstreamer plugins for good, bad, and ugly that should pretty much allow rhythm box, mplayer, or amorak (which ever media player you prefer, personally I use songbird) to play mp3's, you can then play the mp3s from your windows partition in ubuntu without actually having to copy them over to your ubuntu drive... not sure if thats helpful or if you've already discovered this, enjoy linux its an awesome OS if you take the time to learn it.
  6. Personally I read Linux Journal, Linux Format, and occassionally TUX
  7. Agreed, nice tutorial for Linux noobs, now if we can get a good tutorial on running compiz fusion that'll really get some peoples attention lol personally I set my transparency all the way the change my text color to white (cuz I use dark backgrounds) really makes the letters pop!
  8. Not As much as U!