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  1. Same here =P
  2. Iv just updated the forum. I added a new theme and modified it alot. Im having trouble finding the css and templates that i need to change. If anyone can look at the site an tell me where i might find some of the issues im having then i would appreciate it. - The borders around images, such as on the forumdisplay pages annoy me. - Also at the bottom of forumdisplay pages the no post and new posts and all that, those images are all in one column and that looks bad. Also if you find anything else i need to change or any ideas please let me know. Thnks, CYB
  3. Thnx man! lol we need some mems that will post lol. Me an some others guys have been makin alot of posts now we just need more ppl lol
  4. Iv just published my website/forum. Id like for some ideas, comments, anything. I am aware that this is not the most advanced or beautiful site you may have ever seen... =p lol Delc0re PS The site is definitely still under construction! Thanks CYB
  5. this is an MSN ip grabber iv found. never tryed it but iv been meaning to get it. IDK if it works or no either ahah its called IPGet v1.5 maybe this helps a lil... =)
  6. or lol =D
  7. my friend told me about it, but i had already had it bookmarked from a while back... i dont remember exactly ahah
  8. hello everyone! first post btw lol, thought id say hey
  9. total noob?? =( lolz