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  1. University blocking of specific TCP and UDP ports is definitely a headache. If you want to confirm which ports are blocked or not, you can try They have a java applet that can test any of the 65535 UDP or TCP ports to see if they are blocked.
  2. If anyone is having problems reaching it on TCP Port 6667, you could be getting blocked by your firewall. Try to determine if 6667 is "open" to the Internet or not. You should be able to do and get immediate results. Firebind tests whether your IP device can make outbound connections to the Internet or not. It's not a port scanner - instead it's a "path scanner."
  3. Try This site was specifically designed as an "outbound path scanner" to test outbound ports. You can use it to test any of the 65535 TCP ports to see if your PC can successfully reach the internet using that port. If the test is successful, then your application should be able to use that port as well.