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  1. I was actually thinking the exact same thing.. I've seen this site before, always thought it was pretty much a scam. Is there anyone, thats um.. creditable, that has actually bought something from here? I'm assuming no.. Hah, but then again everything there selling seems a little to good to be true. Oh well, at least I can dream.. haha
  2. Has anyone heard about this? My girlfriend works at winners and she told me that they stoped talking phone numbers because of this.. Humm, you'd think they would just update there security, to stop this at its source, and have no more "unauthorized intrusions"... And they say they don't know exactley how much information was stolen, yet the've gone to the trouble of setting up a 1-800 helpline.. And no one can answer any questions at the stores? I'm thinking they might know more then there letting out.. But heres the pdf, I'm glad I don't shop there.
  3. Is there any way I could just format it? and then just start over.. maybe not even use it as what its ment to used as? Anything? I mean these things are like over 1000 dollars.. Or so it says where I've checked. There must be something else I can do with it.
  4. I've resently "stumbled" apon one of the hand held price readers. Running on windows CE, it looks very promising.. But, the battery is dead.. And I have no clue how to charge it/where to get a charger, or replacement battery. And, just to top it off.. I need an ID and password. Which sucks alot, is there any way I can get past this? like formating it? and if I did, would I lose all the Walmart stuff? I was playing with it for a wile, but then the battery died.. and I turned it back on, and it prompted me for a password Is there anything I can do with this? or am I scrwed? Heres some pictures I took of it incase no one knows what I'm talking about, Sorry about the size/Shitty picture taking skills. Front, screen and key pad. Side view.. pretty. Dead battery I don't know how to charge, fosiced so you can actually read it! How the battery pops out. There you go! If anyone has any info about it, it would be awsome.. I already read the little paragraph about it in retail hacks, so no need to forword me there. I'd just to like to know as much about it as possible.. and how to charge the battery, that would be nice.. haha. But yeah, if anyone has any info it would be awsome. Thanks.
  5. Apparently my switch is DMS100. I could probably make alittle video of me calling my self, and it coming up as my username if anyone would be interested? But yeah, it does seem like a whole lot of work for no reason, I wonder why its like this, I'm not complaning or anything.. and it never used to be like this eirher.
  6. Well see I've called myself several times, and a few of those times my actual username for Skype has came up as the caller ID. There was no number, only my username. All it says is "Genocide_666" which is my username. Do you think there would be any way to make my username always come up as the caller ID? And has this ever happened to anyone else??? I can supply a picture if anyone doesn't understand or just doesn't believe what I'm talking about hahaha Immortal_Corruptor
  7. I've just been calling my self at home on Skype. And it seems that I'm always getting +15066578571, And my username Genocide_666, and unavailable name & number.. Its weird, I didnt know it worked like that.
  8. I'm in Canada, and I'm with Aliant here. I wish I could get it to always desplay my username..
  9. This is weird, when I called my self on skype, it came up as a number that wasnt in service. And not the normal unavailable, or 123456 number.. Has this happened with anyone else? And wholey shit! it came up as my user name on Skpye (Genocide_666) actually written like that.. is this normal? And it didnt even give me a number to dial, it was just Genocide_666, no actual number. Has Skype changed, or is mine just weird. Did they update, and maybe I just missed it or something? I dunno, its weird.. it seems like a pattern, every time I call my self 4 times, on the 4th, its my username, and if I try to *69 it, it says the number is not known.. humm
  10. Yeah, I kind of figured that they were fake programs. CSI is quite a bit of bullshit, but I mean come on. Some people need to understand they can't drag an episode out for two weeks, talking about one murder, people would lose interest. I mean what television show is 100% accurate with real life anyways, its all bullshit. It would have been cool if programs like that actualy existed
  11. I'll admit it, I quite a bit of CSI. Almost to much, and I always see them tinkering with these programs, zooming into someones eye, fliping the image around, them finding the who was taking there picture. I've always wanted to know if these are just compleaty made up programs, or do they really exist? Like I remember a one episode where they zoomed into a lamp, them fixed the image, and made it flat, and seen who was taking the picture off the reflection.. Has anyone ever encountered any programs like this? I wouldnt mind having my hands on it! It just seems kinda farfetched, thats all. Immortal_Corruptor
  12. I was just looking for some information on Lock picking, I know theres alot of sites out there that describe the basics of how a lock is picked.. but I havent been able to find detailed infomation on ctually how to do it, like what each of those metal tools do, if its different for like pad locks, or anything.. I was also wondering likethebest site to order from.. or even if its possible to order if your not a locksmith. Just some general information, or links would make me happy!
  13. hummm, well I'm just looking to make alittle extra coin on the side, I'm not trying to make this my main source of income. It would just be kinda cool to mess around with it alittle, and make a buck or so on the side. I wouldnt be thrilled to be Investing money, to make some money. I'd just want to make it.. But yeah, I can see how that would be just a big hassle.. But I mean come on, there has to be a good legitimate sites out there, no?
  14. I was just wondering if anyone can reccomend any sites to me that you can make money on, like viewing adds or other websites, or like doing online quizes or what ever. Like ways to make money for not really doing much, I've seen alot of them around, but I kinda thought they were a scam. Can anyone reccomend any good ones? And how they work, like what do they do? Send you money or like put it in your bank account? Or something, or am I way off.. I'm just lookin for alittle info, maybe make a buck or so. Thanks, any info or sites will be apprecheated!
  15. I was wondering if theres a program out there, that like gives your website a bunch of hits. Like insted of just shamlessly clicking a page 700 times, maybe even using like different IP's for different visitors. I'm just wondering if something like this is around, with some sites it limits what you can do with the amount of visitors/hits. Or maybe even a really fast way of doing it?? I dunno. Yeah, any info would be great. Thanks.