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  1. Well I just got a local number from Google, I love how I can call someone, it will call the number I have listed as my home number, and then connect me to the person I want too call !!! LOL What else is Google gonna do now ???
  2. If I had a number and I wanted a simple way to get an Address and Name of the person it belonged too, is there a simple way anyone here knows of too get this done? 411 was no help, and other services just want money! If you can help, I would seriously appreciate it!
  3. And I thought I was the FUCKNUT ... What a n00b ....
  4. Pabst, Forum, Married with Children ... OHH MY !!!

  5. When I need a phone too use on the fly, I have a Net10, but I do find the service to be kinda crap. Dropped calls, and I swear they take minutes whenever they want! But for a pre-paid, it does what it is supposed too do!
  6. It is well deserved, and I am sure appreciated by many people in this Community!