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  1. It's crazy how quickly people will latch onto their "computer guy" and think that since they know your name and number they are entitled to blow up your phone with trivial questions or problems, often as a favor to one of their solution to the free-support-friend problem was to begin explaining to friends how much a shop or manufacturer would charge for the service that i was providing, and how busy i am with all the free work i do for friends, but that I would add their charity case to my service log and handle it in the order in which it was received excepting for the fact that each $1 paid to me up front elevates an item by 1 slot, with $50 getting same-day service, and $20 a 3-day response time. Once people understood how busy I actually get, and how simple it was to get my attention with a few $, I shook most of the other leeches when I started half-assing my charity work - installing hardware and not loading drivers until the next time I came out for free, loading software but only for one user account rather than all users, identifying viral infections but not actually removing them, etc. etc...of course as soon as a few $$ were shown, the work got finished fast and professional. I don't have to deal with family trying to get support out of me; my 4 sisters and 2 brothers are all computer literate (though that may be an understatement - 1 of my sisters co-founded a telecom start-up before starting an extremely successful web design company, another advises hospitals on tech purchases, and one of my brothers is a manager in HP's mainframe division...)
  2. ...equation unsolvable; too few b-$tring$

  3. lemmee try this again...spent a half hour the other day typing out a post, and near the end the damned left ctrl key on my kb got stuck and the sentence which would have been my last became a string of commands that lost the text of my post into the binary void summarize: I was referred a job once by a female I know, and the initial work was pretty smooth and simple...I reloaded WinXP from the OEM restore CD on a Dell laptop which had apparently been purchased overseas - Korea, I believe...the middle-aged Armenian gentleman said that a relative of his purchased a number of them and shipped them to him here in the US, apparently he was able to save himself a few hundred bucks on the deal, whatever's clever, it's kind of irrelevant anwyayz. It was the second service call I did for him when he called me back a couple of weeks later that made it's mark on my memory. He asked me to come out to his home in a semi-rural area 10-20mins north of town to help him with a few minor problems - a printer which wouldn't print, a broadband connection that was working fine for the hardwired clients but nada for the wireless nodes, and some sort of a problem he was having installing some software on one of his laptops. He didn't flinch at the $$ I quoted him just to come and check things out, and I needed the money that week so whatever, yeah? Get to his place and he insists that we drink a beer or two first while we wait for his cousin to arrive with the laptop and software which were giving him issues, and since there are few things I enjoy more than being paid to drink free beer, no problem with me. While we sit out on his front lawn, I figured I would save myself some time by digging out the details that most users breeze over the first two or three times that they talk to you about a problem - I assume this is a universal experience the printer in question connected to the machine that is trying to print directly, or across the LAN, have all physical connections been checked, were the drivers installed before installing the hardware, and so on...I manage to catch a few details that I figure will speed things along, and am ready to get at it by the time his cousin arrives. They exchange a few remarks in their native tongue while I finish my second corona, and we head into the house. I go for the printing problem first, as I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be done from our conversation out front, and a quick download of some drivers from the manufacturers website gets things moving along. I comment on what a top-end printer he's got - about a $6-8K (retail) wide carriage dye-sublimation - you could print a full size, full color, knock-your-socks off poster for your door with this bad boy, the 6 "crayons" that it uses for inks cost at least $300-$400 per color for each of the 6 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, teal, fuscia/hot pink)...he grins, agreeing that it is probably overkill, but what the hell, he was deducting the entire cost anyway. No biggie. On to the broadband, about as simple as it gets - i pull the power to the wireless router, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in, reboot the clients, done. So moving on to the software problem....He pulls out a HUGE (like, 5000 discs) binder, and selects a number of hand labeled, burned CD's and passes them to me...Photoshop CS2 w/every imaginable add-in module...I raise an eyebrow (or maybe I started to drool) at the binder, and with a sheepish grin he passes it to me to peruse as the software installs. Front to back, this binder is full of every I mean EVERY commercial program you can think of, every one of them burnt onto cd-r...I make a comment about how intelligent he was to keep backup copies of all his original media, at which he guffaws and explains that he purchased all of the programs in singapore for $5 a disc, and that if I can get his problem squared away he will gladly offer me the same price for any title I can think of. The install goes off without a hitch, which doesn't surprise him, apparently the problem he was having was with loading a template that his cousin had given him to work from on a business contract....He duplicates the errors for me, and I explain to him that what is happening is that photoshop is complaining about a few missing fonts and some missing image files which a layer or two of the .psd files reference. It takes a minute, but after rewording my explanation a couple of times, he seems to understand, and is sure that his "no good, lazy son of a b**** cousin" just didn't properly copy all of the appropriate files over, and that he can handle it now that he knows what the problem is. I collect my fee, and go on about my life, and probably wouldn't really have thought of it again except that about 3 months later I see the house that I was at on the local news, with the gentleman who paid me being led out in handcuffs by federal agents. Apparently he and his "family" were creating documentation for some of the migrant workers in the area, supplying them with birth certs, ssn cards, and ID's instead of their regular wages........... What a trip! Seemed kind of fishy to me when I was there, but when I'm being paid good cash money for my time, I try not to over-think things. Glad I didn't get any more involved than I did though....
  4. organized crime does not mean the mafia, although that is what is commonly thought of when people hear the term. it could just as easily be any group of people who work together to engage in criminal activity, such as a group of crackers, or software pirates... you hit it on the head right there...gangs are alive and well in our nation, and many of them have strong ties across our borders and overseas. the traditional "mob" is not the only game in town anymore. Here in Fresno CA USA I personally know some CRAZY "mobsters" - and you could well be surprised at the extent to which our governmental approach to our drug problem has created a prison culture, forcing many "organizations" of sorts to evolve within and then extend beyond the walls, out into our communities. The meth epidemic here in Fresno creates an endless need for more money for drugs, and most people with a habit are pretty creative when it comes to finding a way to "come up" and get something for nothing; the pop culture thought of what a "hacker" is leads to a lot of people trying to approach anyone with an ounce of computer knowledge and "hack" something. It's damn near ridiculous, but what do I expect, living in not only the meth no also the identity theft capital of our nation... I work in computer networking/telecommunications, and have performed security audits for a number of local companies and have seen instances where an employee with a nasty drug habit thinks that they can use the data from their employer to barter for drugs, as well as one business within 2 minutes of looking at their network, I saw that someone had obtained the SAM for the domain and nightly around 2 or 3AM, was attempting to brute force hack every single user and machine account on the Windows 2000 Domain Controller. What's more , it was always 1 attempt less than the lockout threshold, then again 1 second after the timeout on retries expired, going on until around 4, 4:30AM (about a half hour before the first employee might arrive). Turned out that a employee of the company that set up the network had gotten himself all spun out, gotten into identity theft, and was installing backdoors on servers and exceptions in policies and firewalls for himself to go back later and try and get sensitive customer data that he then took to his different "connections" to trade for dope and money, who would intern scam on the vics, draining bank accounts, tapping out credit cards, applying for loans and such, all to fund the purchases of more drugs, weapons, and the "gangster" lifestyles of the dealers. The "Mob"? Maybe not, our maybe just "Mob 2.0"...
  5. Let me be the first to say, Bravo! I'm sure we all can identify in one way or another with your personal struggles. Stay up! Based on what I have read, you seem to be a Righteous individual, espousing some very Real, noble, and intelligent goals and ideals (too many 4get they were once n00bs). I hope that things look up for you; voices such as yours are too few and far between as it is in this world, and too often unheard in the hacking community. It sometimes saddens me to have witnessed and participated in the de-evolution from a curious, cooperative, respectful and supportive community of phreaks and hacks to a trash-talking world of scriptkiddies and ignorant botbosses. Reading your explanation reminds me that there are still those of us out there who are of the 0ld Gu4rd, complete with Ethics, Morality, and Integrity. Perhaps when it seems the positive so overwhelms the negative, I just need to keep in mind that the community has gotten so much larger and the world so much smaller. Back in the daze of Wildcat and WWIV BBSes and SysOps, Kermit and X-modem download protocols, hack sites, particularly *good* ones, were hard to come by; now, every other site, every third domain professes to be a part of our community. The explosion in content and population may create the appearance that the ratio of bad::good has changed for the worse. Overall, I believe that the community has gained from this dynamic growth. Sites and groups such as yours can't crash out on us, however, if there remains hope of removing the filters that mass media and big govt attempt to place over societies eyes. Keep the spirit of the Jolly Roger high, and for all the thank yous you should have received and haven't, thank you for your contributions to our community, our wayz of life.
  6. counselor told me that I'm criminally minded...

  7. ...except that unfortunately it tells me I can't add links there...hrmmm....
  8. I just signed up, and figured that the best way to get involved would be to get involved. Forgive me if these links have already made the rounds here, just a few sites I know and love... - awesome web page translation site/software, allowing for whole-page translation, or single word translations to/from a variety of languages - user contributions covering a wide range of newsworthy topics, with a focus on why you should TRUST NO ONE, especially those in government... - a hacking crew that one of my partners runs with (tell B-$tring I'm still puttin' their name out there) - EXCELLENT anarchist site - WAY more than what most people think of when the word anarchy comes into play, many resources focusing on anarchy as a political/philosophical ideal... - Ultimate underground meta search engine/portal I'm very impressed with this one - interesting site for marketing and keyword research... - list of over 900 private bittorrent trackers for all different categories of torrents - bored? "Stumble" through random websites based on categories of interest that you specify So that's my first contribution. I hope someone finds any of this usefull or interesting. Let me know what you think... <=~'da GRiNCH~=>