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  1. Its was fun to lean some basic commands but way easy to work with and has worked with all that i have. I like Ubuntu Mata and before that was zorin and is still nice. What's everyone's flavor
  2. The newer the kernal the more support and it depends on the manufacturers. Its even moved up for gamers. But I don't game and I just enjoy it for the sheer fact that everybody and their brother doesn't use it so there's not a crap ton of vulnerability being exploited on my machine even though it's really just there for me to learn most of the time I use my phone as a main computer. Other than Android built on top of Linux 4 phones they have Linux phones themselves now I think one of them is called the pine phone
  3. Linux in general
  4. Build break fix repeat
  5. Anyone around from the old day living around these parts
  6. iam trying to get a p2p and a dvd program to run on linux but most p2p needs java to work and with mozilla i cant get java to work also need a good dvd player mandrake 9.2
  7. iam in need of the basic knowledge of how to work this just found and have no documentation
  8. yes i know zearle has 3 albums and some singles but i think thair are some missing? this is what ive collected not including the albums also the link to confess http://www.zearle.com/subpages/newmusic/confess.htm is messed up i would have emailed stank but he is busy and he might not be updating it himself so this is for whoever thanks for all the music zearle [playlist] NumberOfEntries=78 File1=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_hackerscrackers.mp3 File2=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_snakeeatstail.mp3 File3=/Music/rap/Zearle/TINGS_AND_TIMES.MP3 File4=/Music/rap/Zearle/rhetoric.mp3 File5=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_really_down.MP3 File6=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_DOMINATIONS.mp3 File7=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_fallen_fighters.mp3 File8=/Music/rap/Zearle/thisposition.mp3 File9=/Music/rap/Zearle/shit_fo_our_com_.mp3 File10=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_youngworld.mp3 File11=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_burn_baby_burn.mp3 File12=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_players_fall.mp3 File13=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_power_to_people.mp3 File14=/Music/rap/Zearle/handsbleedMix Down_unstop.mp3 File15=/Music/rap/Zearle/handsbleedMix Down_house1.mp3 File16=/Music/rap/Zearle/handsbleedMix Down_worlddom.mp3 File17=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_wheres_the_sack.mp3 File18=/Music/rap/Zearle/classwar3.mp3 File19=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_bush_pushtowar.mp3 File20=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_attackingyou.mp3 File21=/Music/rap/Zearle/VIOLENCE_WITH_A_CAUSE.MP3 File22=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_prophets_of_profit.mp3 File23=/Music/rap/Zearle/WHERE_ARE_MY_COMRADES.MP3 File24=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_fuck_system.mp3 File25=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_tonight_we_ride.mp3 File26=/Music/rap/Zearle/govhasfailedus.mp3 File27=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_Boom Boom (LKJ Dub).mp3 File28=/Music/rap/Zearle/spanishMix Down.mp3 File29=/Music/rap/Zearle/Boom Boom You're Dead.mp3 File30=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_happiness_or_sorrow1.mp3 File31=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_brown_rice_greens.mp3 File32=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_violence1mixdown.mp3 File33=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_violence2mixdown.mp3 File34=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_like_tigers.mp3 File35=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_nomorewar.mp3 File36=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_free_trade.mp3 File37=/Music/rap/Zearle/needareason.mp3 File38=/Music/rap/Zearle/loveyou.mp3 File39=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_monster.mp3 File40=/Music/rap/Zearle/YOUTH_UNCOUTH.MP3 File41=/Music/rap/Zearle/DESTINY_S_CHILD_2002.MP3 File42=/Music/rap/Zearle/FIGHT_CLUB.MP3 File43=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_dust_to_dust.04.mp3 File44=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_destinyschild_dcut.mp3 File45=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_defendyourself3.mp3 File46=/Music/rap/Zearle/realrevolution.mp3 File47=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_hack_crack_mtrix.mp3 File48=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_the Martyrs.mp3 File49=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_Gangsta Wars.mp3 File50=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_penalty_of_death_mum.mp3 File51=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_kosovo_is_calling.mp3 File52=/Music/rap/Zearle/PEOPLE_SAY.MP3 File53=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_carryingbricks.mp3 File54=/Music/rap/Zearle/itwasme_originalmix.mp3 File55=/Music/rap/Zearle/itwasme_jomalsmix.mp3 File56=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_cancel_apocalypse.mp3 File57=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_dialectics.mp3 File58=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_slavedriver.mp3 File59=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_if_this_love.mp3 File60=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_are_we_doomed_02.mp3 File61=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_bells_ringing.MP3 File62=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_all_fall_down.mp3 File63=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_manchild.mp3 File64=/Music/rap/Zearle/stopped_listening_to_sade.mp3 File65=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_standing_but_empty.mp3 File66=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_butterfly.mp3 File67=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_watch_me.mp3 File68=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_evil_doings.mp3 File69=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_thats_revolution.mp3 File70=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_blockparty.mp3 File71=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_find_our_way.mp3 File72=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle.com_not_in_name.mp3 File73=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_devils_bride.mp3 File74=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_survive_in_world.mp3 File75=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_price_of_freedom.mp3 File76=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_proletariat.mp3 File77=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_confess_ft_bahamadia.MP3 File78=/Music/rap/Zearle/zearle_capitalism_is_the_dead_fetish.mp3
  9. look up hpna/home phone network aliance and 2wire1000sw i think
  10. wow what was it almost a year well worth the wait i like both parts but on the phone part after the big bells broke up most new phone compainies dont mess with the punch down thay have thair own little box beside it and reuse the service. in wich i was thinking of tapping into somones dsl and routing it over to my line (not marking it) or hooking a wireless router/dsl modem and getting free wifi :devil: have not tryed it just a idea i had
  11. i know radioshack has a faxback service that will fax you info on thair producs its been awile sense i used it so iam not shure if you enter the phone # were you want it to go but i think it will make so many attimps till it stops tieing up the phone line and pissing off the person its happening to
  12. try the archos jutbox recorder then download the open source software from http://www.rockbox.org/
  13. ok I am trying to take any wireless signal and boost its rank. I have a belkin f5d7130 and I need to get it to connect to my wireless and do its job. but alas I am a dumb ass :glare:
  14. InterEpoch's IWE1100-T Series somthing like this is what iam lookingfor i think
  15. ya iam trying to take my sbc dsl wieless router and bridge it so i get the signal to go further and dont want to buy all new crap so if you know any bridging device that would work with my old equipment
  16. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=193091&pn=6
  17. you can get that at radio shack ponyboy_
  18. thanks LogosX work great iam trying xfce right now
  19. i use kde dont like gnome also in slackware or any other distro how would i switch between them "all of them" i would like try others to see if i like them better.
  20. LVS

    never new about it but it looks good i also would like to know if anyone has ever done this. google search linux lvs thank you google
  21. the higher the frequency the straiter the signal stays "line of site" but the lower the frequency the better it would travle the globe du to the curviture of the earth wish i could explain it better but thats all i can do
  22. less interference with the 2.4ghz for one. less ppl useing them "for awile"
  23. its just about learning if you dont know somthing learn it. you cant get into a system less you understand it and how it works first. with that being said if you were trying to keep ppl out of your system know everything that you can about your system and ways ppl might get in it and try to prevent it from happening. and alway ask your self (what if)
  24. more like 10 min
  25. iam not much of a phreak or coder but i was thinking it could be one of those xml phone programes. i hope iam not just talking out of my ass!