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  1. Has there been any progress with this project? I'd like for Haxorr radio to return. Any info at all would be appreciated...thx
  2. The one who burns them doesn't need to be *that* trustworthy. You just need someone very trustworthy who also has a copy of the tables. You can coordinate a verification process of the table data with that person once you both have your own copies.
  3. What kind of license are you distributing these with? Whose copyright? Can we turn around and start selling copies as well? Why would they do that? Isn't that kind of what this forum is for? Or is it because you're charging a ridiculous amount for them?
  4. First off: Congratulations mmap() ftw
  5. I never use ad-blockers, but this message was so big and obnoxious, I removed it. // ==UserScript== // @name zap.guest.msg // @namespace http://www.binrev.com/forums // @description zap "annoying guest message" // @include http://www.binrev.com/forums/* // ==/UserScript== (function(n){(n=document.getElementById('guest_message').parentNode).parentNode.removeChild(n)} Wow, what is up with the colors of {code} blocks? Ugly and barely readable! Edit: Apparently it's only ugly in Preview. Beautiful otherwise
  6. Any update on the 'Visa issues'? As a Win 7 user I'm curious because there are issues running DecaffeinatID 0.09 under Win7. Most noticeably although the UI continues to respond the program is no longer notifying of alerts and the programs CPU use is very high.