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  1. On my EEEPC 1005HA, BT is dedicated. But I also have my MacBook Pro.
  2. Thanx, but it's ok. I'm back to BT4 (Final) these days. I would still however like to follow Matriux, as they do seem to be off to a great start. Hopefully we will one day have a choice between 2 great pentest distros! ..... Isn't that what *nix is all about? .... Choice! ....I know there are others, but BT really nailed it. I would just like to see a few others come along with the same level of attention to detail. -gLi7cha
  3. Ok, So I ordered a NEW card from D.A. (AWUS036H), and everyone was right... This thing is a beast! In BT4 just "Plug&PWN!" As for the new Alfa (the last one I was fighting with) the AWUS036NH it looks like it's going to be some time (if ever) that they get the drivers to inject and work correctly. I personally believe this issue will be solved sooner then later due to the fact that the hardware is capable of so much! I'm sure that somewhere out there, someone's locked away in some crazy place coding his/her ass off! And why shouldn't they? If I knew code (and yes, I'm still trying to get to the point of STARTING to learn python.... the book is 2 feet from me now lol) I would be coding my ass off simply so I could go "1st!" lol.... But really how cool would that be to be the person that brings such a great tool to the world? Ok, What I do know is that the ALFA (AWUS036NH) uses rt3037 drivers and bt4 see's it as rt2500 (or something like that, but not correct is the point). I've searched and searched for answers, I know everyone was waiting for the results for this card, unfortunately the results are in, and the card is currently a paper weight! Now for some good news!! :-) The other card I just got (the AWUS036H) is a champ! A few things I've noticed last night for anyone having injection problems (such as myself for the last 2 weeks lol) If you can associate, and if you can inject, but can't see any data (or EXTREMELY slow!) collection, then try changing your antenna out. (if you have others) I have a 2dBi, 5dBi, 7dBi, and a 9dBi.... So what did I use 1st? The 9 of course! lol. Turns out that when I switched to the 5dBi I hadn't even put the card back down yet b4 injection started going crazy and I was done collecting what was needed in less the 2 minutes there after. On another test I trying, I ran into the same thing. So I attempted the same technique... Nothing! So after about an 20 minutes or so I had remembered reading somewhere that "Sometimes with wifi, Less is More." So I stopped everything, changed my txpower from 27 to 1, brought it back up, injection started flawlessly!! These are just a few things that I found helped me. I hope if anyone else has this (very frustrating problem) that it helps them as well. Also, I've tried to bring my txpower up (as a 1000mW card it should go up to 35 from what I understand) but it won't allow my to go past 27. (with a 500.1mW output).... *Wonder if I got jipped on my card?* Ok Last thing (4r3@Lz) Does ANYONE out there know ANYTHING about caffe-latte? (aireplay-ng -6) This is something I came across last night and am interested in learning. Although it really does seem pretty easy. I tried a few things last night and I didn't really get jack for results (although I may hand ended short. I read somewhere last night that, "It can be *as QUICK* as 20-30 minutes"!!!) Really???? lol. Anyways, If anyone knows this attack pretty well and would be willing to share a little of your knowledge, we'd appreciate it. ;-) -gLi7cha
  4. I just ordered a new 36h from the site (d.a.) I'm tired of waiting, so i guess in the meantime I'll just keep the old card and hope that someone somewhere writes proper injection drivers for it one day lol. -gLi7cha PS> Plz excuse any grammatical err0rz. I just woke up and can't see str8 yet lol.
  5. Well, It looks like there's no support for the card I have now :-( ...From what the bt dev team says, they're working on it, but it could be a few months. SO, if you're like me and what are impatient as hell, DON'T GET THIS CARD! lol.... I'd like to just wait, I know it's a new card and they just have to get drivers to work right, but I don't have that kind of time... Is there anyone looking to maybe sell/trade+sell their AWUS036H?? in the Orlando area? Send me a message if so. .......Sorry for the let down everyone, but now we all know (thanx me) to not run out and buy this card right away lol. If anyone would like this card for tinkering or whatnot (run's great on my mac) I would be willing to sell it, but I'd really like to get a card that supports injection in bt4. Thanx for the time everyone, I too wish this card would have been as good as it sounded. -gLi7cha Also: Do any of the Orlando hxrs out there know of anywhere in the area to get any good cards that support injection? Or is ALL the g00d stuff on the net only? Thanx in adv.
  6. I was thinking about getting that card at 1st, but I really didn't want an N network to stand in my way of something lol.... (I know 9/10 net's are G, but still!) lol.... Good luck with everything.... I wish I could get mine figured out.... Looks like I might have to try a new distro until the bt crew updates kernel with these drivers :-(
  7. Sorry, can't go into too much depth right now. (sitting in class). Yes, I've cracked plenty of things b4. Atheros/Netgear 111v3/Airport Card (Atheros)/Hawking usb (4mac)/Internal Atheros card in my EEEPC... And I believe that's it. But I've never had this kind of problem with drivers/kernel. I'll be home in about an hour to begin working on it again. **Oh, little side note... The card got a cup of coffee thrown at it earlier, so let's hope it still works! lol.... It was more of a large splash, but the vent hole are on the sides and are so small that I think the card will be fine.... I left it standing on it's side to drain anything that may have ended up in there. But really I'm sure it's ok lol. ..........No I didn't throw coffee at it because it wasn't working! lol......... I was getting ready for class and accidentally kicked over my morning cup :-( ...... it waz really g00d coffee too! lol. -gLi7cha OK, Back home, Card's plugged back in.... appears to be working (as well as last night at least lol).... So we're still go! lol... K, back to trouble shooting lol -gLi7cha
  8. Oh, I'm great with the aircrack-ng suite. I rebuilt the kernel last night and when I run aireplay-ng -9 mon0 it outputs "Injection is working" ... I've done this thousands of times....The problem lies in kernel/driver configuration. ....As I stated though, I'm just waiting to make some good headway b4 I post any results... As said, It does appear as though injection is working, but right now it's very slow. There may still be a driver configuration problem. So if anyone knows how to step-by-step take a fresh install of bt4(F) and get the rt3037 drivers up and running, that's more of the direction I need right now. I'm working very closely with someone right now (who shall remain nameless until project is over) who appears to be pretty well versed in nix, and like I said, we're getting someone... it's just taking time. If anyone has experience with this model card we could use some help. If not, it's just going to take longer, but we'll get it ;-) Thanx for the ideas though. ;-) And thanx everyone for supporting this topic and helping to figure it out for the community! :-) -gLi7cha
  9. Sorry guys. I promise It's my limited knowledge of *nix holding back the results. But I am trying. I do appreciate all the help ;-) ...So far this project is moving ahead, I do believe from what I'm seeing that this card WILL work properly once set up. But I'm waiting to get final results and methods to get card from purchase to injection! ;-) ....In the meantime, please be patient I am working on it and I will post the results as soon as I have something stable to post. Feel free to post any ideas suggestions that you think may help. Wish me luck and thank you for your patience. -gLi7cha
  10. No, just: airmon-ng stop ra0 then: airmon-ng start ra0 (the mac is aleardy reading 00:00:00:00:00:00.... strange huh? lol). And right now I'm adding every source bt4 has (except for sec updates lol) ..... Not sure, but just had a feeling that could screw something up in the framework (msf). So it's added all dev, all binary, etc..... we'll see if that helps.... Checking that, then the iwconfig way ;-) I GOT A MAC ADDY!!! WOO!! .... XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (Alfa, Inc.) Think we're making some headway! lol I think I can see the problem. When I run airmon-ng the return says blah, blah, blah, Driver: ra0 - rt2500. I believe it's suppose to be rt3037 (or something.... too tired to look it up lol)..... But if I was a betting man, I'd say that's it..... BT is just using the wrong driver. Any "step-by-step help" would be great here lol. I'm calling it a night. But thanx everyone. Keep the ideas coming so we can get some results outta this card. lol...... It may just become the new standard (if we can get it working lol..... Go figure the first guy in the community can't even get it working lol)...... Night everyone, thanx again. -gLi7cha Well, Still nothing with airodump-ng :-( ....... Still working on it though
  11. Trying to get BT4 back in EEE, then maybe we'll know something. Got tied up in a lot of other stuff over the last few days. Sorry. Trying to get an actual benchmark tonight ;-) -gLi7cha *** Ok, Got BT4 back up and going, see's my atheros card, netgear card, AND my alfa. Still don't think the driver's are working right.... When I do airmon-ng I see everything, blah, blah, blah, and ra0 for the alfa. So I do: airmon-ng stop ra0, then airmon-ng start ra0 to put it in mon, but when I start airodump-ng ra0 I gets nothing :-( ..... Also, if I did this same thing with my other cards I get like a mon0 when in monitor mode. With the ra0 I get nothing in that spot. *??* ..... Any other advice from here?
  12. Yeah.... Playing catch up now..... It's been a bust few days for me. Wiped BT installed Matriux. As much as I wanted Matriux to work I don't think it's going to happen. They seem to be off to a good start, and I'm sure they'll have a very nice distro in the future. But right now it seems as though BT is unstoppable lol. Thanx for the replies. Going RE-install BT4(F) again run an up date and give it another shot lol. Thanx. -gLi7cha
  13. Ok then, it appears as though I'm just an idiot who doesn't deserve to use nix. Same files I already had.... Just can't figure out how to install them! lol... Tried to do make, and i think I'm doing it wrong..... Anyone know how to install/build things in linux? (sad, i know). Thanx. -gLi7cha