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  1. If that's your network and those are unwanted users leeching your wifi then just secure it with WPA (or have some fun sniffing the network/some MITM action ^.^), but if your the one leeching than just be happy you got a connection.
  2. Welcome man! I can't stand the HackForums community, though I'm pretty new here it seems like an awesome site .
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Instead of changing my IP how do I actually spoof it so it says random stuff. For example, people don't even got a IP it just says random stuff they put themselves rather than the ISP and IP address?
  4. I was just wondering how to hide my IP in random IRC's, I'm using mIRC and I tried this command (//mode $me +x ) but no luck. Sorry for the lame question but any help is appreciated!
  5. You can do what the guy above me said and trace/contact his ISP, Though it may not even really be his IP. That's as fare as you could go with an IP I believe. If you really want to use RAT's or whatever (Not sure how they would help you here?) Just temporarily disable your Anti-Virus.
  6. I was searching for something Binary related (Can't remember) on google and seen the forums, figured it might have some useful info.
  7. To prevent someone from successfully keylogging you, try using Keyscrambler. It encrypts your keystrokes so they're unreadable in logs. Pretty nice to have if you're going to be testing out software or think you may be keylogged and don't want to reformat because of it. I'd worry more about RATs than keyloggers though. [removed serial number info - lattera 2010-02-17 12:38 PM GMT-7]