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  1. one word: Markers Mark.. :)

  2. i want to apologize - i did not notice that this post was last responded to in 2004.. my bad.
  3. So I've spent the past week or so compiling a pretty huge archive of c64/128 hack/phreak warez along with a few BBS software packages that I didnt see on I'm working on a FLEX interface for the front end of my archive - probably throwing everything into a single, sortable datagrid and then have a couple of drilldown options at the top of the interface that will allow the list to be pared down maybe by OS/Model... Most of the stuff is your typical c64 bluebox or whatever just with a different interface, but i was pretty shocked by a couple of apps.. Soon to come on the forums, blog, and a new public page that will index the various apps I've found along with screenshots.
  4. Does scavenger dialer or phonetag, or the THC dialer not work? I was certain I used at least one of those under vista, if not 7?
  5. ticom, I saw that, and thank you... I dont hang here to spam my sites - and hopefully some of the posts that I've done will help prove that.. But I do want to mention that I have thrown a review of "phone man 9.0" up on the blog as of today.. Really just a feature list with screenshots more than a review - but it is what it is. I will be adding 7.5, and 9.0 which I very likely got from your site to the forums for download, and will eventually have an archive page (flex front end, xml back end) up and running in a public capacity eventually - but probably not until I have a pretty big cross section of reviews from the different platforms on line. DESPERATELY seeking atari 8 bit, atari ST and amiga h/p/scene apps as they are few and far between... I remember an absolute GOB of Atari 8 Bit hack/phreak apps back in the day - but it seems like they were not kept handy nearly as much as the c64 and apple 2 apps were - which really blows me away considering the popularity of the platform. I am finding tidbits here and there though and I think eventually the blog/forum/database will be a pretty neat thing for someone like me or you to stumble upon whereas noone else really keeps archives of that type of stuff in any easily browsable fashion. Regardless - thanks to one and all who might give my sites a nod... The underground days gone by fill me with melancholy and I am glad to know that others feel the same.
  6. Eh?...not really. This thread has grown tremendously and includes a few mini-dramas but a lot of good juice was communicated. The FCC proposal, face value, is independent of the ATT news article I just posted. What flyer was saying was that to convert the telephony backbone from its current setup to all IP would be very expensive and would not be justified in the incremental efficiency, in his opinion (and somewhat of mine too), you would gain. That's why I also mentioned that this should be part of a program to upgrade the entire telephony network, including the local loop which as we all said or yelled at one another at one point in time, is the true bottleneck. That is also another reason why I posted this article. I wanted to re-emphasize that Telephony either will die out like ATT is saying or will have to reinvent itself. They could reinvent themselves big if they massively upgrade the local loop and bring it up to broadband speeds. In fact, in the article ATT mentioned that it would like the funds to upgrade its broadband services (which is somewhat of an oddity since they broadband using DSL...still dependent on the old tech..hmmm..suspicious). Instead if America, through the infrastructure stimulus stemming from the response to the Great Recession, would follow through on making sure every American has "broadband" access as that FCC proposal reiterates, then they can kill two birds with one stone...upgrading telephony to the point that it is the most reliable of broadband methods and ensure that everyone has broadband since phone networks cover like 98-99% of the population. Right now broadband is composed of little fiefdoms dominated by the local broadband despot; very inefficient. So this would also accomplish what infrastructure, in general, is supposed to do...provide the best conduits for business, society, technology, culture, etc. so that the discoveries in those arenas dominate rather than the problems with the infrastructure. Now would be a great time too as even our so-called "broadband" lags behind Asia and even those have to be not do it right this time? (BTW...not attacking you...I know you were just expressing your opinion. This forum has been one of the most heated I've ever been in. Not looking to get into another flame No attack taken, and I am certainly not in a position with any kind of inside information on the discussion outside of the intelligent (mostly) posts that have already been placed here. But after reading the paragraph that I quoted, it sort of slapped me in the face that this could be the result of some bedtime story readings between the major telco's, the major hardware manufacturers, and the government - with a few "you owe me ones" thrown in for good measure. That very well might not be the case - it just felt right enough to me to quote.
  7. scavenger dialer and phonetag were both pretty nice.. one of the problems with some of the older DOS based wardialers was that they were written in PASCAL and because of the pentium processor in most machines today became incompatible due to a bug within the PASCAL development app... i am actually looking for something pre pentium 200 to put together (as anything 200 or below is not susceptible to the pentium bug) to use exclusively for old BBS and h/p apps written in pascal. yea, im a die hard..
  8. at least in my opinion, this sounds like the big jist of this whole push - posted by another user earlier in the thread.. Here's my cynical analysis of what this FCC notice really means: Nortel and Alcatel need to be able to sell new telephone switches to LECs. For LECs to be able to pay for these, the companies will either need to be AT&T-sized, or they'll need to go begging to the feds for funds with buzzwords like "digital divide". This notice is the FCC saying "OK, Nortel, Alcatel, Cisco, etc, let's hear the pitch." Said companies will then unveil grand plans for tearing out and replacing every piece of telecom gear from Key West to Barrow.
  9. phail, i do enjoy 8bit gaming occasionally - but i am pretty picky when it comes to things i like. there were a few things i really enjoyed, but for the most part it was just a love of grabbing the new stuff back in the day and sharing it with friends. i like: 2600 adventure galahad and the holy grail for the atari8 temple of apshai (seeing a trend yet?) haunted house gauntlet battlezone tempest there were plenty more - but those come right off of the top of my head...
  10. thinking on this a bit more - about 6 years later there were still party lines in several places that werent "in the sticks" that i knew of personally in the south.. i would be willing to wager that this ad was placed out in the public more to discourage those who did the crank calling because the telco had recently developed ways to do the things they are warning they could do. i doubt many places had the capability - probably very few actually in 1970. it does get me thinking on another track though - in 1970 were there really that many people making obscene phone calls? i mean - sure we did it a little in the 80's, but more for fun than anything raunchy...for the telco to come out with a two page ad makes me think maybe this used to be a really big problem.. i usually feel old on boards like this - but i was only a notion in 1970. nah they just asked for ohm.
  11. this is freaking EXCELLENT!!! thank you!
  12. I've been tickled pink with my Dell Mini 11z..Its not really considered a "netbook" since it uses a celeron proc rather than an atom - but at the same time, it blows netbooks away in performance - obviously with a tradeoff being that it only gets about 3 hours battery life. You can check them out easily at Best Buy.. some folks dont like the trackpad, but i've had no issues with it at all. fwiw..
  13. Greetings.. Just wanted to post a link (hopefully in the appropriate section) to my forum/blog which unfortunately is much smaller than BINREV, but I think we have a lot of common subject matter. The 8-Bit Underground is all about the discussion of the 80's underground scene as witnessed from machines such as Atari, Commodore, Apple // series, TI994a, Sinclair, etc... The subject matter is wardialers, code scanners, AE, Cat Fur, Phone Man, CNET, SprintNet/Telenet, Tymnet, Bridges, Loops, crack screens, atascii and petscii animations, etc.. I am working on building a database of the apps listed above for the various 8 and 16 bit platforms.. So if you were hanging out in the underground (even if it was just warez) during the period where an upgrade from 300 to 1200 baud was considered "elite" - and your computer displayed text in 40 columns, you will most likely fit in.. Anyway - I'm trying to build this, so don't expect 1000's of posts - but if you're into the subject, it might be a nice home. blog: forum: Hope to see you around.. Downloads and app reviews will begin very soon. lp