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  1. It would really help to know what operation system you are using on the computer.. Windows? xp, vista, 7? Linux, BSD, whatever? my assumption would be XP... vista/7 you have to actually go in to unhide the admin account... and well the little sister part makes be assume that it is just the run of the mill commercial PC (HP, dell, gateway, etc) with factory installed OS do any of these pawword programs work for the bios password for hp pavillion desktop cause cant boot my cd drives For the bios password, just locate the bios jumper on your Mobo and set it to the position other than it is, you can find information on the manual of your MoBo...
  2. I've installed ubuntu 9.10 last week on a friend's pc, he has a 3com wireless, tomorrow i'll tell you exactly the model if you're interested, it runs without any pain, otherwise i personally use a usb edimax EW-7711UMn it's shipped also with linux drivers or you can get them on the site and it runs perfectly on ubuntu and debian.
  3. Hi all, I'm here too...