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  1. I was having fun with that proxify shit earlier, (before they patched it,) and my farm saved I just can't create anymore land outside of my boundaries (besides what was already created.)
  2. Before you jump to conclusions, I'm twenty one and I'm simply just curious if there's a way to do this. :S I lost my apartment after losing my job after a huge lay off this past june, and it has forced me into moving back in with the parents. *sigh*, unfortunately I have a step father who loves ruining my day and decided to disable the steam ports (the default ones pre-programmed into the router.) You're probably going to laugh, as did I, but he refuses to change them and said if I manually reset the router or put a key logger or anything of that sort on his computer (which would be to go in and change the firewall settings,) he'd cut my Ethernet cable. So is there any way ... to trick steam into opening a game? :S.
  3. My take on this is different then all of yours, which is quite surprising because the majority of you are quite level headed. I debate this type of shit quite often, not because I'm a voyeur, or an advocate of child pornography, but because it's silly to think that you should have the right (or anyone for that matter,) to infect an individuals computer at your own free will to check for illegal imagery/media. I mean, if this were plausible, don't you think the anti-pirating organizations that are attempting to stop the hundreds of thousands of dollars lost each year from stolen music, programs, and movies? I mean, come on. Morals aside, they're both illegal and both could get you in quite a bit of trouble (one a bit more then the latter, of course..) but still you think that it should be just for someone to infect somebodies computer with a Trojan to delete something off of their computer. Well, there are Trojans that delete files, I've never seen one that deleted specific images or video's, but I'm sure if you really were interested in something like that, you'd just check the md5 hash and delete through KNOWN media that is illegal. But that isn't stopping child pornography, that's just stopping the production of known child pornography, which isn't really solving anything but stopping some (and I stress SOME) people who view the illegal content. But what about the underground crap that they have all over the net? What about the new media? Would this be an updating Trojan that would just somehow KNOW to connect to the internet whenever there is an update (which then poses the fun question of, what if the individual is offline, or firewalls properly.) I mean, you're not attacking the issue at hand at all, you're simply putting a band-aid over the tip of a really shitty scar. That scar is still going to bleed through, and with that being said, you'll know that it won't solve a thing. The problem THAT should be at hand for the government, the FBI, Chris fucking Hansen isn't so much the pedophiles viewing the inappropriate material (mind you, this is putting morals aside and I'm playing the devils advocate because nobody else seemed to want to,) and focus more so on the individuals that are producing the fucking media in the first place. If you stop the pedophile from creating an image or video before it is shared, you're stopping the MAIN source of the problem. If they really WANTED to fix the problem, they have the technology and information to do so, but you have to think of the entire picture here. I'd hate to be the one crying "THE GOVERNMENT IS JUST OUT TO GET YOU," but have you ever researched the amount of money that is made each year from individuals downloading child porn? Not producing child porn, but DOWNLOADING child porn? And mind you, child pornography is anything that is of a minor (anything under eighteen years old,) that is nude. This includes drawings too now, apparently. The amount of money that is MADE each year from this kind of shit is mind baffling, and you can't help to think that they're really more interested in the money then stopping the actual act from being done. I hear more shit on the news from the FBI capturing a person who downloaded child pornography, over someone who was actually producing it. It just blows my mind to think that they haven't thought of this yet (and I'm very doubtful that they care to, because of the said money that is made.) The laws in this country need a change, they need to focus primarily on the SOURCE of the problem, not the individuals viewing the material (I still think it's a sick thing to do, but again. Morality aside, it's shitty that child pornography has become such a problem, and all our government can do is say "Let's stop the individuals from downloading it, that will stop the pedophiles!"... which isn't true at all, it's just stopping a group of people from viewing it, doesn't stop the act from actually happening.) I guess I'm just very outspoken on this issue, because a buddy of mine had pictures of his 17 year old girlfriend on his computer and she had him arrested shortly after and he faced child pornography charges as well as had to be listed as a sex offender and has a statutory rape charge on his record that will follow him for the rest of his life. Things need to change, but ... infecting a users computer? Come on dude, you're not going to solve a fucking thing.