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  1. forgot to mention dat I am searching drivers for Linux ,am using redhat 5. .
  2. hi, I have searched in google but failed to find dirvers for my acer aspire 4736. . please help me to get them .All I I can find is drivers for acer aspire 4756z. I had called to the office from I got my laptop but they don't have . .
  3. http://www.academictutorials.com/
  4. how can i remove redhat which i installed virtually ??
  5. For networking purpose . .Well I just installed Red hat 5, 15 min back. . how can I make redhat server and xp client . .i can't find the proper source [Note]:- I install Vmware in XP
  6. I want to make a server in my desktop pc I have a VmWare workstation 6.5.3 . I have Xp installed in my computer and nw want to install redhat . . My question is . . Can I use vmware workstation or vmware server?? Can I make redhat has my server ? how do i make it work
  7. aircrack-ng to crack wifi internet wireshark to get the hotmail password . .is d way to go. . . I suggest you to use back track 4 Live cd . . go on hacking wifi n hotmail in your town . . lol
  8. http://irongeek.com