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  1. excellent, inforamtive and well laid out with notes - a lot of effort much appreciated.
  2. This is a cool release works on my eeepc 900 so I assume with the 70x, even compiz works! I installed it onto an SDcard and bootup from that. only issue is with the wifi on kismet so you need kismet -c madwifi_g,wifi0,wifi0 to work.
  3. apart from 2600 meets you could visit Brumcon http://www.brum2600.net/
  4. http://www.tightvnc.com/projector/ but it is a purchase option not tried it but looks like what you want?
  5. If you are a UK white/grey/black hatter you know we are being targeted by more insane child like legistlation making it illegal to distribute or store hack tools even if it is you job to pen test! <a href="http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/hackingtools/" target="_blank">http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/hackingtools/</a> its ok to loss all 25 millon records but not for you to have a copy of nmap!!!
  6. laugh I nearly dropped my cd's http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7174760.stm
  7. Hi I am trying to access SMDR output across the network ( not via serial) is this do-able? I have worked with Siemens and Mitel switchs and output to call logging over IP (port 1752) streaming output. Am I being thick it should be possible to stream to the port but google is being pedantic ANswers on a postcard
  8. Great advice .. you can get false positives with scanners - even Spybot (the best) HijackThis will just list them useful link BACKUP (free) BACKUP (free network) before registry or sysfile changes. NO EXCUSES!
  9. the Dell D800 should have a 570x Broadcom gigbit onboard as the D400 ( I assume this is correct but you should know this) not sure why you want a crossover as if you are pluggin your puter into the switch you need a normal cable not a crossover? Cat6 will be fine. sometimes it is worth setting you cards to manual speed and duplex as I have had issues on 3com kit with the autosensing causing errors
  10. try this http://www.infosecwriters.com/text_resourc...rp_spoofing.pdf and for windows users - may be relevant but not used it myself? http://switchsniffer.nextsecurity-net.qarchive.org/
  11. Could you create the encypted volume offline then copy it to the server then use it in traveller mode?
  12. perhaps this is the droid you are looking for
  13. *PharP!* Cain & Abel with this little mufty will give you winblows peeps something the linux community have had for years. A little pricey but excellent and at least helps Case funding. The cheaper non TX version is listen only so whilst being a little more legal is also undetectable as it wont transmit
  14. the charcoal one is so good my girlfriend pinched it :-( great quality and love the orange one thumbs up from the UK
  15. agree stick with 2006 I had no end of issues with 07. you can pick these up for 70 quid in UK on ebay totally recommend. or if you are as sad as me try jlime on a Jornada ...cheap as chips ebay is your fiend